Thinking about it now, I have no idea how we managed to stay energetic after arriving in Ibiza. We’d all had about 2 hours sleep (I had just 1 hour due to my last minute packing) before hoping into the taxi to take us to the airport. Honestly, I don’t even know why we tried … Continue Reading

We were justifiably excited about our weekend trip to New York. After all, we were going to be off exploring the buzzing and unbelievably vibrant and best areas of New York. The city that never sleeps, the big smoke, the Big Apple. 🍎 After our (almost 1k km) rickshaw across Italy, we had precisely seven … Continue Reading

After a quick 24 hours stop in Zurich, we caught the train to the Ascona, home to the Eden Roc Hotel – set right on the banks of Lake Maggiore. Lake Maggiore – along with Lake Como and Lake Garda is one of those amazing lakes you find in Italy. It’s also one of those … Continue Reading

I’d heard some amazing things about the castle of Methoni (from our previous day in Costa Navarino), which was built by the Venetians over 800 years ago. The history of Greece still surprises me so much, it always seems so mystical and ancient… which is pretty obvious when I come to think of it! 🤣 … Continue Reading

I’ll just start by answering that question with a huge spoiler alert – a roadtrip from the UK to Austria is soooooooo much fun!  It isn’t necessarily the most obvious road trip route we would have thought of (in large part because we in the UK live on an island physically disconnect from mainland Europe) … Continue Reading

Amsterdam’s labyrinthine canals are what this brilliant Dutch city is famous for… well, one of the things it’s famous for and so getting to drive a boat for the first time ever, and through the canals of Amsterdam nonetheless was a pretty special experience! Also, I know you ‘drive’ a car but when it’s a … Continue Reading

A German Christmas market is something of a festive staple with us and suffices to say, it was only a matter of time before we headed over to the city of Stuttgart (in Germany, for the uninitiated) for some much-needed gluhwein, as much bratwurst as we could handle and many-a-caramelised erdnuss. I’ve been trying to … Continue Reading

Hands down, Santorini is one of my favourite Greek destinations and probably one of the most ‘well-known’ out of the hundreds of tiny little islands that blanket the Aegean Sea. The island itself has some of the best scenery and pretty little towns that perch onto the high cliff edges of the volcanic caldera, it’s a truly … Continue Reading

After a couple of days in The Blue Lagoon in Iceland, we moved bases to Reykjavik (we had a car so moving around was quite easy) and so on this particular day, we set off to see as many Icelandic sights as possible! The day was filled with amazing waterfalls, scary yet impressive looking volcanos, … Continue Reading

*Warning: As with most of my posts from Croatia, this is another photo-heavy post. 🙂 Makarska is a small city by the sea in Croatia (not too far from Split) and is easily becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia! When I visited, it was fairly easy to see why.  The day … Continue Reading

The following morning in Kyushu, we got up bright and early, greeted by the sight of the Japanese countryside as we meandered through on the Seven Stars. Even as we got ready for breakfast, we knew we’d miss this train once we eventually got off it in Fukuoka. It was just everything we’d hoped it … Continue Reading

We’ve all been there. You’ve arrived excited you’re so busy sightseeing and taking photos that you’ve almost forgotten entirely about the needs of your stomach which at the most awkward moment decides to start growling like a beast and won’t stop until it’s been fed. Well if that should ever happen to you when you’re … Continue Reading