Seattle’s Pike Place Market is, hands down, one of the spots you have to see when you’re visiting Seattle. I mean, afternoon, it’s probably one of the most well-known and iconic spots in the city. 

Yes, it might only one tiny part of the city but there are so many amazing things to do in Seattle that you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s an incredible city to visit, with so much to do. 

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Now, if you’re not too sure what Seattle’s Pike Place Market actually is, let me explain.

Built way back at the turn of the twentieth century, Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a historic public market that’s got a little bit of everything. 

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Not only can you get some of the freshest local produce but you can also stop by for some well-needed nourishment in a whole host of nice quaint little restaurants with amazing food.

One meal I definitely recommend having (anywhere) is the Clam Chowder in Sourdough bread. ‘Seattleites’ (which I found out just this very moment is what you call people from Seattle) certain know how to make good clam chowder.

For me, one of the best we found was at Pike Place Chowder which was so yummy!

Just be warned, arrive pretty hungry as the portion is huge. 

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Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of what’s inside Seattle’s Pike Place Market, just make sure to pop over the road for a quick cuppa. Just across the street, you’ll find the world’s first Starbucks, which is a Starbuck’s lovers dream stop. Just make sure you check out some other local and independent coffee shops too.

There’s a shed load across Seattle and so many to sit down and just chill.

Now, getting back to Seattle’s Pike Place Market itself… the most famous at the market, of course, is Pike Place Fish Market where fishmongers throw 3-foot-long Salmon to each other instead of passing it by hand.

It’s quite a sight to see, especially with all the shouting, weighing and sloppiness of the fish! All the fishmongers are so energetic and jovial – you can just tell they love it at the market. 

After visiting Seattle’s Pike Place Market, I actually found out that this tradition started because it was too much of a hassle to keep going down to get the fish every time a customer ordered one. So, in fact, can we call the fishmongers lazy? Ha! 

Personally, I’d definitely say not. They seem to be always busy! Plus, who wouldn’t want to make their life easier by throwing a massive salmon around, eh? 😉

This is of course not the only reason why the Fish Market is famous – it’s more famous for the amazing fresh produce and goodies. Take a look, below, at some of the best things to do in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

Also, if you want to make the most out of your time in Pike Place Market, book this chef-guided food tour that’s so incredible. It’s so much fun and you’ll get to taste your way around the market. 

Things to do in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

If it’s fresh fish you’re after, pop into City Fish Company. Not only do they have some of the freshest fish, but they’re also the oldest fish market in all of Seattle. That being said, if you’re staying at a hotel (rather than an Airbnb), you might wanna skip the fresh fish. 😉

Also, once inside, make sure to visit Rachel’s Ginger Beer which has some of the tastiest and fiery brews in all of Seattle. 

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, pop into The Chocolate Market which serves up some of the sweetest and smoothest handmade chocolate in Washington. It’s so tasty. Just make sure to buy extra as I swear you’ll leave and gobble the lot. 

If it’s cheese you’re after, hop straight into Pike Place Market Creamery which serves everything from the creamiest camembert to the stinkiest blue cheese. It’s a cheese lovers’ paradise.  

another one of Seattle’s Pike Place Market favourites is the Sunny Honey Company which makes all-natural honey that’s sold every day. Plus, they have some pretty good beeswax lip balm if your lips get chapped on a chilly day. 

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Oh, and don’t forget to spot Rachel the Piggybank! She’s a huge bronze pig where you can make a donation to good causes. It’s been said that if you rub the snout and give a few coins Rachel will give ya some good luck. Worth a try, eh?

Afterwards, pop into BLMF Literary Saloon which has thousands of different used books from all over the world. Honestly, it’s a book-worm dream destination. Just make sure to spend a little time looking for the perfect read. 

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If it’s collectables you’re after, head into Seattle’s Pike Place Market’s very own, Golden Age Collectables. It’s the kind of shop that I love as it’s filled to the brim with collectable comics, memorabilia and anything a little bit retro. I could spend every penny I have here.

If you’re looking for some little gifts whilst in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, pop into Osara Commissary which imports stunning and totally cute Japanese imports to the market itself. Here, you can buy everything from the cutest kawaii jute bags, porcelain and mugs.

Best of all, the gang at the shop will ship your stuff to you after so no worrying about that weight allowance on the flight home. 

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Oh, and if you’re looking for a tasty Mexican, head straight towards Cantina de San Patricio which has some of the spiciest and fullest burritos in Seattle. You’ll be totally stuffed, but it’s worth it. 

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That being said, if it’s Italian you’re after, pop into IL Bistro which has some epic meatballs in a cosy little restaurant. Just make sure to book a table if you arrive at peak times, it can get busy. 

Honestly, there are so many things to do in Seattle’s Pike Place Market that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Yes, it can get busy and a little crowded but what else can you expect from a historic and vibrant market? Embrace the crowds, gorge on all the food and have a good few hours exploring the little alleys. 

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If you’re feeling extra fly, you can even pop some gum on the ‘gum wall’. It’s a mixture of awe and disgust every time I see it. For some reason, it makes me really queasy but it has certainly become a ‘thing to do’ whilst in the market. 

In any case, when you’re in Seattle, spend a few hours perusing Seattle’s Pike Place Market – you’ll definitely be glad you did.

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12 Best Things To Do In Seattle

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