I can only recommend this because this is something I’ve started to do and it’s one of those things that makes you think “Why haven’t I thought about this before?”. Unless of course if you’re already part of the club but given the awkward and somewhat counter-intuitive nature of this method, I’m guessing quite a lot of people are.

Here's A Very Simple Idea To Help You Travel The World More Affordably!

See, a very simple way to travel for cheap, is to to look at alternative departures cities/towns/countries!

Bear with me while I try to explain the rationale here. A perfect case in point would be trying to fly from London to the Maldives. On a good day, this will cost somewhere between £600 – £1,200 for a return journey with British Airways or Emirates. Booking a similar flight but leaving from Madrid costs £185 plus an extra £16 to get to Madrid which brings the total to £201 for return flights to the Maldives.

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A little visual inspiration if you need one for the Maldives 😉

The thing is demand varies depending on which country you fly out from and the prices are dependent on the demand so if you do a bit of searching around on places like Skyscanner, Lastminute.com or Opodo try changing the “Departure location” to places you know you can get to quite easily. Europe works brilliantly on this front as the countries are pretty close. In the US, it might be the case that you need to go to a different state first. You get my drift… Fundamentally, trying different “Departures” could leave you with lots of savings to be used on a different holiday somewhere else!

Things To Remember For This To Work:

At the risk of stating the obvious, here are a few things to pay attention to.

1.) You still need to get to the actual “Departure location” so make sure that connection there is doable and affordable. £16 for the connection makes sense for the London Madrid-Maldives one. £300 would have been out of the question.

2.) You can book any of these deals through your preferred booking company e.g. Lastminute.com. You should never have to book through a company you don’t know or trust online.

3.) You sometimes need to be in the know about what deals are going on. We’ll do our best henceforth to send you alerts or details via email if you sign up for it below. Just promise us you’ll do the same if you hear of any great deals too! 😉

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Oh and you get our free book on “101 Free Things To Do In London” when you sign up too. Now who doesn’t like a good freebie, eh?

4.) Be flexible! These deals only work if you keep an open mind. The best part about keeping an open mind, for instance in the example above is that flying from London, you get two trips for the price of 1, the Maldives and Madrid.

5.) These deals tend to work best on more expensive long haul flights. There’s just more incentive to be flexible and savvy when you’re looking to save £400 than there is to try to £40.

The reason why I thought I’d better post this is because we’ve recently managed to snap some amazing deals this way and so I know firsthand that this works. Now what sorta buddy would I be if I didn’t share that with you, eh? 🙂 (Don’t forget to send any savvy travel tips you might have my way too okay?)

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