I love two types of living spaces – (1) Clean and shiny minimalist spaces  or (2) Old rustic buildings. Typically, you never really find a good mix of both (if you have any hints or tips on where to find said mixes in London – please do let me know). My ideal is to get a good mix of both (I’m thinking of minimalist living rooms with rustic kitchens right now… examples of both are further down below). In London, there is no shortage of type 1 apartments and for some reason, that tends to be the end of the spectrum I find myself in so get a good mix of both I try to mix in a bit of authentic vintage furniture. I’m so stupidly practical and so I try to get things that serve some sort of function and here are 3 of my favourite idea for functional vintage pieces!

The Underwood typewriter. This now reminds me of Frank and Claire Underwood thanks to the last season. I found one in Roswell, New Mexico in a random antique shop where I proceeded to go a little crazy buying vintage items but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the typewriter as this would definitely have taken my already overweight bag waaaay over the baggage allowance limit!

The old record player! I’m still on the hunt for this one! The ones I’ve found are either too modern (i.e. with digital radio players or CD players and iPod docks) or not quite the vintage version I have in mind.


Jukeboxes – I don’t need to explain why these are so amazing! 🙂 We all get it I think. 🙂 (Downside? They’re so ridiculously expensive!)

My perfect mix below:

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