A quick weekend lifehack! Or rather – a set of 3 different weekend lifehacks.

I recently found myself going through some old items at home (how did I end up with so much stuff I don’t even remember buying?!?!) and I started to wonder if there were ways to use them differently instead of just throwing them away.

Turns out there are loads of ways to recycle old items in your house and even more ways to turn new items at home into multifunctional pieces or to entirely change the way you use certain items.

Here are my top 3 weekend tips and how you can get them!

router-under-cover- of old book

1.) The recycle – hide your WiFi router or Apple TV/TiVo box in an old hardcover book

This is so easily done.

You probably have old books at home that are due to end up in the bin or at the very least recycled (I prefer the latter) and this is a great way to use this item and turn it into something functional and rustic by making it a facade for your unsightly pile of technology. Use as many as your want (or for as many items as you have to hide) and just pile them on top of each other.

And if you don’t have old books, just pop out to a second hand shop to buy one! All you need to do is rip out the pages and keey the frame and use that as your new WiFi router/Apple TV cover.

fridge painted with chalkboard paint lifehack

2.) The multifunctional – paint your fridge with chalkboard paint

Turn your fridge into a chalkboard and use it to leave your notes! If you have kids, I can’t guarantee they won’t want to draw on it with chalk but this is all part of the plan to keep them occupied when they ‘help out with making dinner’!

Trouser-hanger-art clip hanger lifehack

3.) The re-use – use old trouser hangers or clip hangers to hand up posters or pictures

Easily achieved with no instructions necessary – except maybe to buy nails and a hammer though I figure you knew that already.

And there you have it.

Three simple and easy life hacks to try out this week! Do let me know if you have any lifehacks you live by! I’m always on the lookout for great ways to change up a living space!

BONUS: I got a little distracted and figured you might appreciate this as much as I did when I saw it. It’s a swing/hanging dining set. I’m not sure how practical it is (I’d love to give it a try) but I figured it would be amazing to try this out with friends. I can’t guarantee that after a few glasses of wine we won’t actually try ‘swinging’ on this dining set and totally ruining it but we’ll see about that one – it looks fairly sturdy I think I hope!

Swing Swining Dining Chair and Table

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