Rake Wine Glass Holders (4)

This one is so easy that pretty much anyone can do this in a matter of mere minute! A nice and somewhat quirky way to store wine glasses (which are always a pain to store in cupboards or drawers – especially so when they’ve just been washed and need to dry) is to hang them out on a rake!

All you need to do is to take the wooden handle of the rake out (pretty straightforward here) and throw that bit out (or perhaps turn it to fancy fire wood). Next, put up a long and sturdy nail on the wall and hang your rake head on it and voila, you have yourself a brand new wine rack holder!

If you can’t take the wooden bit out easily, you can cut the wood down to the a small stump with a saw, smoothen it down with some sandpaper. Perhaps even add a lick of paint if you’re feeling fancy? Whatever you decide to do, here are a few examples of some pretty well executed ‘Rake Wine Glass Holders’…

Rake Wine Glass Holders (2)Rake Wine Glass Holders (3)Rake Wine Glass Holders (1)

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