If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I have a deep and meaningful love of English castles. Thankfully, England has a fair few dotted all across the country that is incredible to see. Though, better still, there are a select few that you can actually stay in. This is where Studley Castle in Warwickshire came into play.

After our little jaunt to Arundel Castle and Bamburgh Castle, I just knew I wanted to try and stay in one too. It’s the perfect place for a little getaway whilst exploring this gorgeous area of England. 

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Perched in the rolling hills and countryside of Warwickshire, it’s a castle that’s relatively new (as they go), especially after being built in the 1800s. That being said, this is still pretty old and recently Warner Leisure purchased the castle giving it a loving restore back to its former glory. 

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That being said, the gang at Warner Leisure have added in a few extra mod-cons to make a stay extra special. It’s almost as if the restoration has given Studley Castle a big hug, it just feels so warm, cosy and pretty swish. 

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Once you arrive, you’ll notice how imposing and grand Studley Castle is, especially with the drive up through the grounds itself. It’s the kind of building that stands proud, overlooking the gorgeous English countryside that surrounds it. From the turrets, towers and grand entrance, they got me overly excited as soon as we saw it.

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This is why I wanted to share some top tips on how to have the best experience and stay at Studley Castle in Warwickshire. It’s a pretty special place which was so nice for a chilled break. 

How to get to Studley Castle

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So, for starters, it’s pretty easy to visit Studley Castle when you’re in Warwickshire, or even a little further afield. 

We travelled from Central London (in the car) and it took about 160-minutes. That being said, it’s really easy to visit from Coventry, Bristol and Birmingham too. 

Even by train, you can get off at Stratford-Upon-Avon and take a short taxi ride over to Studley Castle itself. 

Nice and easy! 

Rooms at Studley Castle

Now, Studley Castle has the older, historic part but also a shiny new part that forms some plush rooms and a glossy spa to whisk away the day.

Even more, they’ve incorporated some of the old stables and other spaces into rooms, activity centres and plenty of space for afternoon tea. It feels like every nook and cranny is a little spot to explore and enjoy. 

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At first, I didn’t really know how they’d have a shiny new part of a hotel that would ‘fit’ with the older parts of Studley Castle itself. That being said, you don’t even notice a difference when inside.

Every part of the hotel just feels like one big castle.

This all means that it doesn’t really matter if you stay in the historic castle or take advantage of the balcony rooms in the newer part. Each part feels extra special. 

Better still, the rooms have all the things you’d want from a luxury hotel, just based within a castle!

Big rain showers, massive beds and plenty of personal touches from the area. Also, a big win for us Brits has to be the fresh milk for tea every day. It sounds like a little thing, but a good cuppa cannot be understated in a hotel room. Trust me on this, a good cuppa can make or break a day! 😉

Now, obviously, as with any great hotel, there’s a perfect room for everyone so they’ve got a range of rooms that can be booked to suit exactly what you’re looking for. We went for a balcony room to make the most of the summer sunshine we’ve been blessed with recently.

Anyway, enough rambling about the rooms!

What to do in Studley Castle? 

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So, one great thing about Studley Castle is that it’s not just a ‘check-in and check-out’ type of hotel. It’s the kind of place you can rock up and plan a whole week of adventure, a little decadence and plenty of relaxation time. Studley Castle isn’t just a place to sleep, and that’s what makes it so amazing.

As I mentioned, the newer extension has a swish new spa, with steam rooms, hot tubs and a big indoor pool to relax. Plus, they have a whole heap of spa suites for a cheeky afternoon massage, which I couldn’t resist. 

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Also, the grounds are pretty expansive too, with lots of experiences nestled within the grounds. For instance, the main lawn has croquette and archery areas, with some other areas having shooting ranges and walks that go across the lovely grassy areas. 

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Now, after a little lesson, Yaya had a little go at the shooting in a safe space, which I have to say he was pretty good at! He actually managed to hit a few spoons and metal figures, which surprised me with his terrible eyesight. 😉

With all his glory and our overly-competitive streak,  I was way too scared of losing. Thinking tactically, I bowed out gracefully (or is that disgracefully) and watched from the sidelines. I wasn’t prepared to lose to Yaya! 

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Oh yeah, I nearly forgot! If the weather takes a turn for the worst, Studley Castle has its own cinema with freshly-popped popcorn too. Plus, in the evenings (and on special events) there’s live entertainment from the in-house band and other bands that visit during the season. 

Dining at Studley Castle

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Food is always a big deal to me, I mean, it’s one big part of a weekend break and holiday that I love. Being able to relax and just enjoy some yummy food can make a trip and Studley Castle certainly did this. 

Now, as soon as you arrive at Studley Castle you’ll notice quite a few different lounges, bars and restaurants to gorge at. 

For breakfast and dinner, they’ve conjured up a market-style eatery called the Evesham Restaurant where you can rock up and choose from all the deliciousness. Split into sections, there’s a choice that’ll suit every taste. Sunday roast? Curries? Baked salmon, they’ve got the lot. In fact, I had to go up for seconds as I couldn’t choose.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the gelato carousel that is just mind-boggling. Of course, I had three scoops… just for a taste test. 😉

If you don’t fancy the market-style eatery, there’s also the Arden Cafe that is an informal eatery that looks out onto the greenery surrounding the castle. Just one word of caution, you will leave stuffed, the food is so yummy. I went for the Scotch egg to start, with fish and chips.

Yaya went for a juicy steak, which he devoured immediately. 

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Oh, and don’t forget about the Oak Room, too. For me, this one of the prettiest rooms and a pretty special place for an afternoon tea. It was so nice and the scones are freshly baked, you can even smell them as you’re heading closer to the Oak Room itself. It was so good. 

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Now, we decided to go for a few bubbles with our afternoon tea, after all, we were staying in a castle.

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That being said, you can choose whatever option you want and there’s plenty of teas, too.

What to do around Studley Castle?

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So, as I said, Studley Castle is the kind of place that fits around you. If you want to be lazy and chilled, it’s great for that. That being said, if you want lots of adventure and not feel confined to the castle itself, there are loads going on around the area. 

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For instance, a stone’s throw away is Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Here, you can check out his birthplace and his childhood homes, along with his daughter’s home too. Also, make sure to see Anne Hathaway’s Cottage cottage which is just gorgeous. 

If that doesn’t float your boat, you’ve also got the massive Warwick Castle close by. After all, it’s easy to visit for an afternoon trip. And, it’s a perfect little jaunt if you fancy exploring more of the iconic sites of Warwickshire. 

Plus, Studley Castle is a great base if you want to dip into the Cotswolds, too. It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty is filled with quaint little villages and rolling hills. Just make sure to explore places like; Stow-on-the-Wold, Burton-on-the-Water, the Slaughters and Bibury, too. 

Finally, if you fancy a jaunt to the city, pop across to Birmingham for a day trip away from the countryside. It’s the second biggest city in the UK and has loads to do. 

We had the most amazing weekend at Studley Castle and can’t wait to visit again. Until next time! 

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