Ah, macarons… These colourful (and apparently) tasty delights are a French treat famous the world over but I’ve gotta ask, are they really all they’re hyped up to be?

I’ve never really understood the appeal of macarons, I’ve had them in the past and while they’re okay, they’re never like “Oh my gosh, I can’t stop eating them!!!“. I’ve found them quite forgettable to be honest. I think they’re kinda over-rated and I feel like they’re liked mostly because they’re expensive (and colour – hence a beauty to photograph for facebook and instagram) but not because they’re particularly great treats.

Coming from me, I feel like this is saying a lot as I’ve got a serious sweet tooth. And not in the way, people say that and are then sensible about their sugar intake. I have been known to suck on sugar cubes when I was younger (yes, kinda like the way you’d give a horse sugar cubes). My favourite type of wine is sweet. Not Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Merlot. Just sweet. My favourite item on the menu is dessert. On weekends in Paris, I’ve had creme brulee and wine for dinner (on more than one occasion). Needless to say, when it comes to sweet stuff, I’m a huge fan!

I’ve had macarons in the UK and maybe where I’m going wrong is that despite being in Paris on multiple occasions, I’ve never tried any macarons from La Duree. I typically walk past the shop and never feel inclined to pop in. Maybe if I did, I would change my mind? I don’t know. I doubt it as I don’t think you need to go to Belgium to appreciate good Belgian chocolate (or a good Belgian waffle for that matter) but this is where I’d like your thoughts on the matter.

My question for you is, what do you think of macarons? Are they really that great? Will a trip to La Duree make me a macarons convert?



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