From the stunning Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, incredible beaches and cities like Seville, Spain is known for its epic places to visit! That being said, there’s a whole heap of lesser-known places to go in Spain that are totally beautiful, too. 

Honestly, Spain is such a diverse country, with such a long history. I mean, you’ve got everything from the Moorish, Roman and Jewish histories that have all had a presence in Spain.

Not only that but with the mix of Catalonians to the Spanish Basque Country in the north, Spain can look and feel very different (depending on where you are).

For me, that’s what makes travelling around Spain so special. Well, that and all the food. I swear, I eat an obscene amount when we’re in Spain and I can’t even blame huge portion sizes, it’s just my good old-fashioned greed for all the good Spanish food! 

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So, food aside, I wanted to show you some of the lesser-known but totally epic places to go in Spain that you shouldn’t miss. Have the best trip.

1.) Cadaques, Girona

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Salvador Dali once called the beautiful coastal village of Cadaques his home. This alone makes it one of the places to go in Spain if you’re really interested in art and the works of Dali, too.

You see, in Cadaques, you can take a tour of Dali’s old house. Though, don’t stress if you’re not an art-fanatic, there’s also some gorgeous sandy beaches and a historic centre that’s well worth a stroll; especially the Museum of Cadaques, too.

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If you’ve got time, take a drive and explore Cap de Creus and the stunning coastal routes around this area and Cala Nans. 

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2.) Morella, Castellon

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The tiny city of Morella is a sight to see when in Spain! It’s totally gorgeous and even though it’s so small, it’s well worth visiting for a half-day trip.

This is especially true if you’re driving between Valencia and Barcelona (on the coastal route). You see, it’s around a 50-minute detour (from the main road) that’s a great little stop for a day trip or longer. 

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Once here, make sure to stroll around the castle area, see the church of Saint Maria and have the tastiest dinner at Mesón del Pastor. Their roast lamb is incredible. 

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Plus, Morella makes for a good base-camp if you’re planning to hike the nearby Maestrazgo mountains, too. Just don’t forget your walking boots and sunblock. Those rays can be intense here! 

3.) Frigiliana, Andalusia

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The region of Andalusia was the first region in Spain to be conquered by the Moors (many hundreds of years ago).

This alone makes it one of the totally historic places to go in Spain that’s steeped in history. 

Not only that, but it’s also really easy to visit Malaga itself.

Once here, explore the maze of alleyways in Frigiliana and see the beautiful Moorish Quarter that’s totally quaint. Though, it can be hilly so make sure to wear some comfy shoes.

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After exploring Frigiliana, hop in the car and visit the nearby Fundación Cueva de Nerja, too. They’re totally expansive caves that are well worth seeing when in the area.

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4.) Setenil de las Bodegas, Cadiz

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If you’re looking for somewhere unique, and a little different from average places to go in Spain, you won’t be disappointed with Setenil de las Bodegas.

You see, part of the village has been built into the rock outcropping that hangs over the Trejo River. It’s totally unique and there really aren’t many places like it. Plus, it’s about 25-minutes away from Ronda, making it easy to see both places in one (longish) day. 

Oh, and make sure to try some of their locally produced, organic olive oil before you leave. Delicioso!

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5.) Ronda, Malaga

Best Spanish Towns To Visit (10)

I visited Ronda around ten years ago and is one place that I truly love in Spain. Since then, we’ve been back again and I swear it was even better than I remember.

Now, although Ronda may be a more popular spot, its picturesque charm is something that you won’t want to miss and is still away from the majority of the crowds that visit southern Spain. 

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Apparently, it’s said that the god(s) split the village apart due to the constant arguing within the town itself, thus creating two harmonious villages.

Once the towns reconciled, they built a bridge to rejoin their town together. Still not sure if it’s some folklore or a drunken tale but I love the romanticism of it. 

After exploring the town and the historic bullring, hike down to the bottom of the gorge and take your photographs from this vantage point. It’s a stunner of a spot and you quickly realise how big that bridge is.

Though, I have to admit, I moaned like a beast when hiking (in the heat) back up to the city itself. It gets so hot! 

6.) Carratraca, Malaga

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The European kings of old used to travel to the sleepy Spanish town of Carratraca to take a dip. This was apparently for its famous hot springs that became known for their healing properties.

If you fancy your own dip, book a place at the Villa Padierna Thermas that’s totally plush and has its own access to these healing springs. It’s such a gorgeous place to stay, too. 

Also, just outside of Carratraca, you’ve got the Cave of Ardales that’s home to some incredible palaeolithic history to see. 

Plus, it’s not too far from some of the best hiking routes in Spain at Caminito del Rey. After all, it’s about a 25-minute drive away. 

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7.) Pedraza, Segovia

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Less than 500 people call the Medieval town of Pedraza their home. This might seem like a bit of a bust in bothering to even visit at all. Though, that would be a mistake. You see, it’s one of the best places to go in Spain that’s around 90-minutes from the centre of Madrid. 

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This all makes it totally easy to visit for a day trip and you’ll get plenty of time to explore, too. 

After exploring the castle, museum and tiny little streets, make sure to stop off for a bite to eat. Bodegón Manrique serves up some of the tastiest dishes in Pedraza and you’ll honestly leave stuffed. Now, It might be a simple little place but you’re there for the food and it’s good. 

8.) Luarca, Asturias

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Perched on the Bay of Biscay, Luarca is a sleepy little fishing town, complete with a picturesque harbour where locals still go out to catch a daily supply of fresh fish each day.

Obviously, these all make it to the restaurants, too, so make sure to choose a seafood spot for lunch. 

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To be honest, Luarca is the kind of place that’s totally authentic and quite far from the crowds you might see in places like San Sebastian on the other side of Northern Spain.

This means it’s not got any of the frills you might expect but it’s still a great place to stop on a trip further along the coast. 

After exploring the town, hop in the car and visit the nearby Playa de Barayo. It’s a stunning coastal area that’s totally unspoilt. 

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9.) Ayllon, Segovia

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Another spot close to Madrid, Ayllon is about a 90-minute drive from the city and well worth a little gander. 

Once here, take a stroll through the historic cobblestone streets of Ayllon, and you will feel as though you’ve been transported back to the Middle Ages, it’s totally stunning. 

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Plus, make sure to see the old house of Bishop Velosillo, the Medieval Arch and the stunning Church of Santa Maria la Mayor.

10.) Calaceite, Teruel

Lesser-Known Places To Go In Spain (9)

Not just a picturesque town, Calaceite has become famous for its delicious treats and desserts called flaonets. You kinda can’t visit and not have one! See, my tummy is taking over again… it’s always about food! 😉

Anyway, they’re small pastries filled with pumpkin jam, honey and dusted with some sugar that are just bundles of deliciousness. 

Lesser-Known Places To Go In Spain (11)

Calaceite is one of the places to go in Spain that’s just incredible for strolling with no real plan. You’ll get what I mean as soon as you arrive! There are so many little streets and historic areas that are totally beautiful and well worth just getting lost in for an hour or so. 

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15 Best Places In Spain To Visit

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