Day 2 in Peru. We realise (thankfully, before we left the UK) that due to the fact that our Machu Picchu tickets were for 7am, there was no way we would make the 4 hour train journey on the same day and so we had to arrive a day earlier.

You can also do a 4 day hike on the Inca Trail to get there but we had just under 2 weeks in Peru and our itinerary was jam packed. We already had to skip places like the Amazon and Sacred Valley off our plans so spending 4 days hiking would have eaten a huge chunk of our time in Peru. Also, I just didn’t want to do a 4 day hike. 🙂

This of course meant free time to explore Machupicchu village and properly enjoy our journey up to Machu Picchu on the Vistadome (*not sure why but when you’re referring to the village, it’s one word not two separate like when you’re referring to the ancient Inca citadel).

Anyhooo, here’s our vlog from our second day in Peru! 🙂 (*Also look out for the sneak peek at the very end!)


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The Journey To Machu Picchu, Peru (4)

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