London is a pretty incredible city! There’s so much to do across all the areas of London. That being said, so much choice can make it hard to whittle down just a few things to do this weekend in London. After all, you want to make the most of your time in the city and see as much as possible.

Now, one of the best things about London is that it’s ever-changing. For instance, Quirky markets, new pop-ups, cool sporting events and new places to fill a grumbling tummy. Altogether, this makes the choices of things to do this weekend in London pretty tough.

This is exactly why I wanted to share some of my favourite things to do this weekend in London. I’ve tried to share a few places from all across the city. So, I’m really hoping a few will take your fancy. 

11 Things To Do This Weekend In London

Best things to do this weekend in London

Take a look, below, at the best things to do this weekend in London. Have the most amazing time. 

1.) Stroll through Notting Hill

11 Places You Have To See On A Weekend In London (5)

Notting Hill is not just famous for a lovesick Hugh Grant trying to win back his Julia Roberts (From the film, Notting Hill). It’s also a vibrant neighbourhood filled with amazing eateries, shops and even farm-to-table restaurants that are just too yummy to ignore.

Once you’re here, check out some of the things to do this weekend in London that are art-based. for instance, Graffik Gallery on Portobello Road has a whole heap of changing shows and exhibitions. Afterwards, pop over to Electric Diner for a tasty brunch.

Their raspberry French toast is amazing. 

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2.) Explore Shoreditch

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (9)

Londoners seem to either love or hate Shoreditch. That being said, there’s a shed load of amazing things to do this weekend in London all around the neighbourhood, making it a good stop when exploring the city.

Once you arrive, make sure to pop into over to the rooftop Pillow Cinema, where you can snuggle up whilst watching some classic films that change each week. Oh, and make sure to check out Made In Shoreditch that detail some of the best events each weekend.

Alternatively, pop over to Ballie Ballerson which is a bar with epic cocktails and the biggest ball pit to enjoy! It’s amazingly fun.

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3.) Gorge at Leadenhall Market

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (8)

This Victorian hall is one of London’s most lovely markets to explore. Nowadays, many of the smaller stalls have gone but the building still remains with plenty of shops and eateries to enjoy. Make sure to gorge at the Lamb Tavern (for some tasty Welsh lamb) or head over to the M Bar for a little tipple.

It’s a great place to grab a bite, smack bang in the centre of London. Better still, there are a good few places to just around Leadenhall Market, too. Head up to the top of the monument to the great fire of London and see a different perspective on this area of London. 

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4.) Discover Greenwich

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (2)

Greenwich is much more than just the O2 Arena and it’s well worth a visit on a Sunday afternoon jaunt to the older part of this Royal borough.

Make sure to visit the Royal Navy College that was built in the 19th Century, explore the Cutty Sark and dive right into the food stalls at Greenwich Market (a firm favourite of mine is the Ethiopian Stall… it’s so tasty).

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Painted Hall which has just been lovingly restored. 

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5.) Plod along the streets of Southwark

Southwark stretches quite far south from the River Thames banks and there’s always something going on here. For instance, make sure to check in at the Tate Modern for the newest exhibitions that change constantly.

Afterwards, head across the National Theatre and the Southbank Centre for a show and installations that are always different. 

Oh, and one of my favourite areas is in and around Bermondsey street, which is the perfect place to whisk away a Saturday in the city. Make sure to visit London Glassblowing to try your hand at the art itself, they hold regular taster events on particular days.

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6.) Visit the Harry Potter Studios

Yup, any Harry Potter worth their salt will want to dash over to the Warner Bros Studios. Head here to experience the incredible Harry Potter sets, costumes and eerie goings-on in the Forbidden Forest.

It really is one of the best things to do this weekend in London if the rain starts to fall. Oh yeah, and for guaranteed entry, make sure to book your tickets online, especially on busier weekends. 

Alternatively, you can book this really fun Harry Potter walking tour around London. It’ll take you to some of the most iconic Harry Potter spots that you’ll love. 

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7.) Explore Covent Garden

best markets London (8)

Covent Garden is one of London’s most popular areas to visit but don’t let that put you off.

Head over to some of the neighbourhood’s best haunts like Clos Maggiore for some yummy French-inspired cuisine.

Head inside the old market to visit the Moomin Store and grab a tasty cocktail at The Escapologist or just chill out and watch a performance at the Royal Opera House which has new shows each weekend. 

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8.) Stroll the Museums

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (6)

One of the best things about London is that our museums are free. Head over to the world-class; Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum and the incredible British Museum (to name a mere few).

Both Londoners and visitors totally love to wander the impressive collections, especially on a lazy weekend in the city. It really is amazing and the best things to do this weekend in London if you love museums.

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9.) Visit Whitechapel

A Local's Guide: 9 Of The Best Places To Discover in Whitechapel, London (8)

The infamous stomping ground of Jack The Ripper, Whitechapel has thankfully returned from his scary grips! Nowadays, we can all go and learn about the past in a dedicated Jack The Ripper Tour. 

If that doesn’t take your fancy, head over to the Whitechapel Gallery which showcases some of the world’s best up-and-coming artists (and changes constantly). It’s so amazing and totally one of the best things to do this weekend in London if you love art. 

If you’re feeling peckish, grab a table at Tayyabs, for some traditional Punjabi cuisine and the best curries in London. It’s one of the most famous in the area, so expect a queue.

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10.) Wander the markets in Camden

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (7)

Long gone are the horses of days gone by, nowadays, the Stables in Camden is a rabbit warren of cobbled streets, vintage stores and worldly food that you’ll struggle to resist. Don’t forget to visit Cyber Dog too – a 90’s neon rave store that is beyond funky.

It’s so much fun and the market is changing almost every day. 

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11.) Find some secret spots

15 Of The Best Areas In London You Have To Visit (11)

London has many nooks and crannies that are just begging to be explored. Even for us Londoners, it’s easy to overlook some of these hidden spots in the city. From the ears and noses scattered around Covent Garden, caves and much more.

London is a treasure trove of secret places to discover and sometimes it’s just good to find something a little different. 

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15 Best Areas In London To Visit

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