The best part about doing multi-island stays in the Maldives is definitely the excitement of knowing you have another amazing place ahead of you after leaving your previous (equally beautiful) island home. No holiday blues here (something everyone who’s ever been on holidays anywhere amazing can definitely relate to).

Then there’s the fact that changing islands keeps everything exciting and somehow managed to stretch more out of that ‘holiday feeling’ (why have just one “Oh my gosh!!!” moment when you can have several on each new island… 😉 ).

Sidebar: Island hopping in the Maldives is more than just an indulgent experience – it can be a also  be a great way to help your budget when you’re visiting the Maldives and you can chop and change your itinerary quite easily to match your budget while getting amazing experiences…. but more on that later! For now, here’s our latest video from the Maldives!


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Maldives Island Living... Kuramathi (1)

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