The Maldives is one of the most famous and one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Pretty much everyone who’s ever clapped eyes on photo or videos of this stunning collection of islands has fallen in love with it straight away (or at the very least, is harbouring some pretty strong feelings … Continue Reading

Shortly after breakfast in our previous ‘home’ island in the Maldives, the seaplane arrived to take us to the new one – Velassaru (…via the capital city of Male, of course). From Male we hopped aboard the island boat which was waiting for us and before long, the beautiful island of Velassaru was in sight! The weather … Continue Reading

Well, let me show you! As you might have gleaned from my recent instagram post, we’ve been putting together the very first video from our recent trip to the Maldives and its safe to say that this trip is one that I was looking forward to for quite some time – especially as we got … Continue Reading

Heads up – this is one huge post so this is probably the time to make yourself a huge mug pot of tea (or wine – we won’t judge) and try to find those biscuits you pretend you don’t know where you stashed them but we all know has been stowed for a ‘rainy day’ … Continue Reading

This was one thing I was soooo looking forward to long before we arrived in the Maldives! Swimming with Manta Rays in the wild is such an amazing experience and I’d seen so many jealousy-inducing photos and videos before we returned to the Maldives so when we arrived in the Maafushivaru Maldives Resort, an island that’s … Continue Reading

Back in Male, after leaving our second island home in the Maldives, it was so easy to start to get withdrawal symptoms from leaving such an amazing place but thankfully, we still had quite a while left in the Maldives and so the only feeling I was feeling at the time was excitement at heading … Continue Reading

The next morning at Kuramathi began as all good mornings in the Maldives should – with lots of sunshine and a mountain of breakfast! Shortly after, we hopped aboard what I guess is the lazy man’s way to snorkel – a sub-submarine. (There’s no way I could have snorkelled right after eating the amount of … Continue Reading

Kuramathi is one of the bigger islands in the Maldives. It’s long enough that you would probably rather hop aboard one of the many golf buggies zipping through the island than attempt to walk the length of it. The surprising thing here however was the fact that, despite its relative size, it still manages to … Continue Reading

Yes, we’re in the Maldives and it’s every bit as amazing as I remember! Before I carry on – I have to show you this 40 second video we filmed earlier today (see below). THE VIDEO Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel The video was from today is actually going to be part of … Continue Reading

Our final island in the Maldives was definitely one of my favourites of the 8 islands we’d visited! That island was Kandolhu. The fact that it’s included in Small Luxury Hotels was kind of a giveaway before we arrived that it would be good but somehow it still managed to surprise and impress me. A lot … Continue Reading

Despite having an amazing time just relaxing on the most amazing white sandy beach, we very eagerly hurried away from the beach and headed straight for the dock at the Angsana Ihuru Maldives. Why? Well we had a sunset cruise booked and this was definitely one I’d been looking forward to and had no plans to … Continue Reading

The best part about doing multi-island stays in the Maldives is definitely the excitement of knowing you have another amazing place ahead of you after leaving your previous (equally beautiful) island home. No holiday blues here (something everyone who’s ever been on holidays anywhere amazing can definitely relate to). Then there’s the fact that changing islands … Continue Reading

I have such a huge soft spot for this amazing island. As you already know, the islands in the Maldives are pretty amazing and so staying somewhere beautiful almost feels like the norm yet this one managed to stand out even more so. I don’t know if it’s because this was the last island we … Continue Reading

After a few days in Madrid (and a quick stopover for a few hours back at home in London), we finally headed out to the Maldives! I can’t even pretend! I’d been looking forward to this trip for quite a while so I was justifiably excited when it finally arrived. A few movies, a snooze and a ‘couple’ of … Continue Reading