The second part of our recent trip to the Maldives is here!!! 🙂 This time we changed home from this one to the Velassaru Maldives. There’s something so exciting about arriving at a new island in the Maldives. New restaurants to discover (i.e. new attempts to try to eat my weight in delicious foods), new … Continue Reading

Well, let me show you! As you might have gleaned from my recent instagram post, we’ve been putting together the very first video from our recent trip to the Maldives and its safe to say that this trip is one that I was looking forward to for quite some time – especially as we got … Continue Reading

Yes, we’re in the Maldives and it’s every bit as amazing as I remember! Before I carry on – I have to show you this 40 second video we filmed earlier today (see below). THE VIDEO Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel The video was from today is actually going to be part of … Continue Reading

The Maldives is one of the most famous and one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Pretty much everyone who’s ever clapped eyes on photo or videos of this stunning collection of islands has fallen in love with it straight away (or at the very least, is harbouring some pretty strong feelings … Continue Reading

The Maldives are the epitome of island paradise and the dream destination of pretty much everyone you ask – seriously, ask anyone around you right now if they’d want to visit the Maldives. 🙂 These pristine, beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean are a haven of natural beauty and one of those places that definitely … Continue Reading

Now, as the Kurumba has a lot of choice on offer and we had very limited time to sample all the choices, we had a greedy modern take on dinner. How? By having starters in one restaurant, mains from another and dessert for a third! Even with that though (and lunch from an entirely different … Continue Reading

Heads up – this is one huge post so this is probably the time to make yourself a huge mug pot of tea (or wine – we won’t judge) and try to find those biscuits you pretend you don’t know where you stashed them but we all know has been stowed for a ‘rainy day’ … Continue Reading

Despite having an amazing time just relaxing on the most amazing white sandy beach, we very eagerly hurried away from the beach and headed straight for the dock at the Angsana Ihuru Maldives. Why? Well we had a sunset cruise booked and this was definitely one I’d been looking forward to and had no plans to … Continue Reading

It is hard to relax on the beach when there’s so much amazing stuff to see around you and so, despite enjoying the  down time chilling with cocktails by the beach, we decided we had to go snorkelling.   We’d been told so much about the amazing house reef here and knew we had to … Continue Reading

Now where was I? Oh yes, just as the sun was setting, we were off to find our new home in the Maldives – The Angsana Ihuru. Little did we know what they had in store for us… Our excitement meant that we could barely sit down in the boat as we edge close and closer … Continue Reading

On our final day at the Dusit Thani Maldives, we decided to make the most of the infinity pool and so we got up bright and early! Had breakfast and headed down to the pool. The thing is, the snorkelling here is so great that the infinity pool had kinda been overlooked from our end … Continue Reading

Despite heading to bed fairly late on my first night in the Maldives, the jet lag got the better of me and fight it as I tried, I just couldn’t go back to sleep and so I decided to head out on my bicycle to watch the sunrise.  I literally jumped out of bed, in my PJs, … Continue Reading

After a few days in Madrid (and a quick stopover for a few hours back at home in London), we finally headed out to the Maldives! I can’t even pretend! I’d been looking forward to this trip for quite a while so I was justifiably excited when it finally arrived. A few movies, a snooze and a ‘couple’ of … Continue Reading

If you’ve been on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’ll probably have been inundated with so many photos from the Maldives… If you haven’t well this post is for you – we’re in the Maldives as it’s as beautiful as they all said it would be! (Oh, and we’re also on Snapchat with username “HandLuggageOnly”) … Continue Reading