Rome is such an amazing city – this almost goes without saying!

It’s such an overwhelming city – in a very good way, of course. There’s just so much to see and do here that it can sometimes feels a tad too much.

For instance, when it comes to sights – a weekend is just not enough time to see Rome. You could spend a week or even a month here and still leave feeling like there’s so much still left to be seen (though this is in some part due to having huge queues for extremely popular sights).

To that end, we recently partnered with Starling Bank (a new bank in the UK where you get charged literally £0 for transactions fees or for taking your money out when you travel) to not only see how many sights you can check off in Rome but also how much it would cost and how much you can save, simply by using your Starling Bank card abroad.

Well, here it is – in about 2 minutes or so, all the answers to those questions! 😉


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Remember, like we said on Facebook – if you want more deets on a no-fees account with Starling Bank, head here  – oh, and use the code HLUGGAGE to skip the queue!

How Much Does A Weekend In Rome Cost?

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