As I write this post, I am frantically packing my suitcase and stuffing in winter coats, beach shorts, warm woolly jumpers, flip-flops…etc amongst other things.

It feels so strange to be packing such contrasting travel gear (winter coats and beach short???) but there’s a good reason behind this. We’re getting ready to visit a few places for the first time and so I figured I might as well do a quick travel update post! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!

First off, we’re off to Madrid! Another Spanish city, I’ve not visited yet and one I’m looking forward to.

10 Of The Best Places In Madrid To Visit For A Weekend (4)

Then, we fly off to The Maldives for a bit of fun and sunshine!

Hand Luggage Only Yaya and Lloyd Travel In Maldives, Montgenevre, France, Val d'Isere and Sri Lanka (7)

Then, we head off to Sri Lanka to visit a country we’ve wanted to for quite some time.

Exploring Beruwala And Bentota, Sri Lanka (27)

We will post regular updates on Instagram (we’ll most likely update this one the most), on Twitter (similar updates to Instagram – plus some extras) and of course Facebook!

We’ll also try to Snapchat (username: HandLuggageOnly), too.

If you’ve got any tips or recommendations for any of the destinations we’re headed to, please do send them our way! Muchas gracias in advance! 😉

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