So, in the post where I showed you around my home – along with some knick-knacks in it, there was one item that definitely caught everyone’s eye and that, (unsurprisingly, seeing as we all love travel) is the World Map artwork on the wall. Personally, it was one of those things where the moment I saw it, I wanted it!

Despite planning on answering all comments individually (which I will get to very soon), I figured it made sense to answer this question in one blog post. You can get the world map from here (that’s the best price I’ve seen it for online). Alternatively, it’s also available here on Amazon. It comes in 3 pieces as per the image but you get them as a set so you’ll have the full collection.

Where Is That World Map From?

Failing that, below are a few other places you can get the maps from! 🙂 If you get one, do let me know what you think (or perhaps share a photo of it?) 🙂

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