After arriving out our amazing chalet (and toasty night sleep), I woke up bright and early for a day on the slopes.

I’m not typically a morning person (I wish I was) but the excitement of getting out onto the slopes and enjoy the runs around Tignes beat any caffeinated drink or loud alarms in getting me up and ready.

Now, remember I mentioned that skiing is always a learning curve for me? Well, this is why I always try to get in some time with an instructor whenever we head skiing.

For me, you can never really have enough mentoring with skiing (especially so when you’re learning and working your way up the ski slope colours). With that in mind, we went ahead and booked in with a local instructor through SkiBro.

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SkiBro, it’s kinda like an Airbnb for skiing, if that makes sense? Essentially, independent instructors are on there and, from the app (or website), you get to choose the kind of instructor you want and see videos and actual reviews of the instructor.  This makes it pretty easy to find someone that fits with you, your personality and skills.

After arranging to meet David (our instructor) and confirming our meeting place in Tignes-les-Brévières, we headed straight down to the start of the slopes.

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As we hadn’t been on the slopes since Canada last year, David thought it best to see our skiing technique before we hit the big runs. This was the perfect little opportunity to remember how to ski. This is always the point when I remember that skiing is a lot like riding a bike, you never really forget but you always think you will!

Within 30-minutes, we were ready for the bigger runs, and I was so excited!

After a few chairlifts and bubbles, we reached the top. The views were incredible and we could even see across to Italy in the distance.

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For the rest of the morning, we brushed up or skills and slowly headed to some steeper and narrower runs…which, in no time at all, took us right to lunch.

Parking our skis outside, we rocked over to L’Armailly in Les Brévières where I ordered the most carb-olicious meal imaginable (and a steak for Yaya). I was famished!

All that skiing had worked up the biggest appetite. In my haste to eat, I gorged on the lot before even taking a photo! Suffice to say, I enjoyed it.

With a full tummy, we decided to head out for a little stroll around Tignes Les Brevieres and explore a little more of the village.

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It’s the kind of place that’s totally quaint and pretty to wander around, though I kinda wished I wasn’t wearing those chunky ski boots. I always feel like a robot when I try to walk in them.

After spotting the little market and wandering through the alleys, we decided to head back to the slopes. The snow was gorgeous and fluffy (which I always find easier to ski in).

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In no time at all, 5 pm had arrived and my wobbly legs were starting to lose strength.

In hindsight, we probably should have just had a good old ski in the morning, but my determination to savour every last minute of skiing had taken hold and refused to let go till the ski lifts closed.

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After arriving at the bubble, the gang from Black Diamond were waiting for us to go down in town to whisk us back to our Chalet. It was so nice not having to traipse through the town with all our skis. After about 5 minutes of carrying them, I tend to get properly grumpy. For some reason, I’m just terrible at carrying skis, they go everywhere and seem to weight heavier and heavier with each passing minute!

Aching muscles from skiing all day made for the perfect excuse for a long soak in the pool and steam room. It was bliss.

As dusk fell upon us, I heard a live band playing on the terrace, I’d forgotten all about the private Apres Ski Terrace that is shared between a few chalets.  After quickly drying off, we headed straight for the music!

As the snow began to fall, we topped up with some hot mulled wine and beers around the log fire outside. This alone would have made it perfect, but the fact there was live music was pretty unique. It almost felt like a mini music festival in the snow.

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By 7 pm, I was well and truly zonked, so I took an opportunity to curl up in the chalet and take a little ‘disco nap’.

By the time I woke, I was already late for dinner! Our table was booked for 8 pm so I hurriedly jumped in the shower, crawled into some clothes and headed straight down to La Sachette.

It’s the kind of cute little place that seems to be dotted all around Tignes. You know, warmed up by a log fire, cosy alpine cottage-esque rooms and the best kind of feel-good winter food. 😀

The Best Way To Ski In Tignes, France (11)

Now, even before we headed over to Tignes, I was keeping my fingers crossed that at least one place would have fondue.

It’s my total vice when we go skiing. Plus, I always justify that all that exercise (from skiing) means I deserve it!

The Best Way To Ski In Tignes, France (6)

And guess what? There was fondue on the menu! I think my heart skipped a beat in joy.

Now, Yaya loves fondue but he really fancied the escargot and lamb for main (which he proceeded to devour), but the real winner for me was the massive bowl of molten cheese, bread and meats.

The Best Way To Ski In Tignes, France (7)

Honestly, if it was socially acceptable, I would have been licking the bowl!

By the time we’d stopped nattering, it was already getting late. So, with that, we decided to call it a night.

With our new skiing confidence in tow, we were raring for tomorrow!

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