We’ve put together a whopping list of 101 Free Things To Do In London and better still, it’s now absolutely free to get this book!

101 Free Things To Do In London - FREE EBOOK!

We always hoped to make this book free at some point but due to complications over at Amazon, there was a minimum price attached to it. This price was understandably due to Amazon having to cover their hosting/download fees as the file was fairly big but thank to internet wizardry (i.e. me finally being able to catch up with my understanding of cloud technology), we can now offer the eBook absolutely free!

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This original post here will give you a taster of what’s inside the book! For instance the fact that despite the entry fees, you can actually get into St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey for free! Or that you can climb right up to the top of Big Ben? You can even watch the Prime Minister at work in the iconic Houses of Parliament.

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