I just found these random photos on our road trip across America that I just had to share them with you!

These are essentially photos taken on the road and not particularly in anywhere specific; at least nowhere any of us can really remember (we were probably in-between states at some points here).

Somehow, these must-have made enough sense at the time for me to a.) switch on my camera b.) press click and most importantly c.) not hit the delete button right after. Anyway, here they are and I’ll do my best to figure out what was going on at the time…

Road Trip America USA South (1)The picturesque road trip “On the road” photo. (This one kinda makes sense to me….)

Road Trip America USA South (12)Somehow, it seemed to make sense to sit on the road(???). I wanna act like I don’t understand why I took this photo but I kinda (really) like it.

Road Trip America USA South (4)Cartwheels on the road! I can’t even pretend. I love this photo! It’s one of my favourites of the lot. #GuiltyConfessions

Road Trip America USA South (6)Random guy on the road… Just kidding! That’s Chris!

He and Lloyd did all the driving so Georgia and I could do the hard work;  napping at the back of the car while waking up occasionally for a little snack of beef jerky and that ridiculously large fuel-station-soda that no one in the world could ever finish in one go yet no one in the world could ever say no to due to the price.

Sometimes, it doesn’t fit into the cup holders in the car and you have to hold it till you finish it all. Such. A. Pain!

Road Trip America USA South (7)Road tip sunsets are the best, no?

Road Trip America USA South (3)Getting closer to the ground!

The same photo effectively as the one before. I seriously questioned why I hadn’t deleted this one…

Road Trip America USA South (11)Jumping for joy!

I think this was the point where we eventually found a station where we could stock up on lots of Beef Jerkey after trying some Turkey Jerkey. Turkey Jerkey is very different from Beef Jerkey. Very. Very Different. (Turkey Jerkey ended up in the bin)

Road Trip America USA South (8)Lloyd driving. Not much else can be said about this photo. Oh, there’s a really nice sunset too. I guess that counts?

Road Trip America USA South (2)Pre-Sunset. Pretty epic methinks…

Road Trip America USA South (9)Caught Lloyd halfway through taking photos! He wants you to think this photo was taken on the spot with no prep.

No, he spent a while getting photo-ready for this.

Hasn’t made much difference… I jest! 🙂 About it all! 🙂

Road Trip America USA South (5)More cartwheels – we know how I feel about cartwheels on the road so let’s move on from this.

Road Trip America USA South (10)Yes, I look a bit terrified in this photo even though I’m trying to hold it all together.

You would be too if that huge van/truck/big-a*s-car had just driven past you at an unbelievably quick speed for a vehicle that big.

Road Trip America USA South (13)Truckstop!

Woohoo! I didn’t care about the car’s fuel needs; I just wanted a roadside chilli dog and a ridiculous large soda.

Road Trip America USA South (14)This follows on from the post on Ichetucknee!

This is the first place we went to get a tube to go down the river.

The owner had gone out (for lunch, I presume?) and didn’t show up for ages so we eventually headed down the road to some other place. Perhaps I should have included this picture in that post originally.

And has anyone tried hot fresh green peanuts? What are they like? Are they really green? Do you have photo evidence?

Road Trip America USA South (15)Oh, the world’s largest rocking chair! I think a photo here was quite apt, don’t you?

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