Tuscany is an incredible region of Italy… dare I say it, one of my favourites (shhh, don’t tell the others).

With its mountains of delicious food, yummy wine, stunning towns and beautiful traditions, Tuscany really is an incredible region to explore In Italy.

Our last visit to Tuscany was during a group holiday, where we rented a car and explored every little village and commune we could find. Naturally, with a group of us travelling, we all had our own ideas about where we wanted to visit the most.

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Imagine it now, all of us packed into our car, each piping up the various towns and villages that we’d all decided upon.

Added with the fact that none of us speaks fluent Italian, we ended up in a myriad of situations all squabbling over firstly how to correctly pronounce Montalcino, long before even trying to figure out how to get there.


We’re currently in the process of planning a group holiday (ideas being bandied around right now are either going on safari in Africa or checking our the amazing beaches of Hawaii) and this app just takes so much of the hassle out of group travel.

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To get you started on your merry way, we’ve put our Tuscan farmhouse post up to show you, some of the more quaint and gorgeous area’s places you definitely have to see in Italy.

The Farmhouse… In Tuscany, Italy

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