New York City, the Big Apple, is an incredible city to visit! With top spots in Manhattan, cool places in Brooklyn and heaps of free things to do, it’s the kind of place you can spend years exploring and never fully see it all. On top of that, there are loads of epic and best … Continue Reading

Train travel these days is no longer just about getting from point A to point B. It’s evolved long past that now and can sometimes be a fantastic way to take in as much of the natural sights in whatever country you’ve visited at a quicker pace. Train travel in the UK is pretty much … Continue Reading

Catching a glimpse of some of the world’s most majestic mammals is a really special experience, especially when seen in their natural habitat. I’ve got to admit, I love going out on a boat to see whales, it’s something I find so incredible, especially with all the best places to go whale watching across the … Continue Reading

The way we choose to travel and particularly where we plan on staying can be a very personal choice, with a number of factors that influence our decision making. Before I ever decide on where to go, I tend to set myself a very clear set of “guidelines” to help find the right place. For … Continue Reading

Europe has a wealth of totally stunning spots to explore! From its gorgeous islands to its historic cities, there is a heap of the best countries in Europe to visit that have a treasure-trove of places to see.  Now, the thing that makes the continent of Europe so special is that we have around 50-off … Continue Reading

I’m a sucker for anything sweet! Dip it in chocolate, bake it, fill it with cream and I’m almost guaranteed to devour it. Living in London, in sooooo many ways, spoils you. There’s literally somewhere new, delicious and exciting to visit almost every day across the different areas of London. That’s what makes finding the … Continue Reading

We were justifiably excited about our weekend trip to New York. After all, we were going to be off exploring the buzzing and unbelievably vibrant and best areas of New York. The city that never sleeps, the big smoke, the Big Apple. 🍎 After our (almost 1k km) rickshaw across Italy, we had precisely seven … Continue Reading

Now, as the Kurumba has a lot of choice on offer and we had very limited time to sample all the choices, we had a greedy modern take on dinner. How? By having starters in one restaurant, mains from another and dessert for a third! Even with that though (and lunch from an entirely different … Continue Reading

Confession: The very first West End Theatre Show In London I saw was years and years ago and I remember being very unenthusiastic prior to seeing it. It was all Lloyd’s idea; mostly to escape the cold in London. We’d all popped round to celebrate New Year’s in London (we hadn’t moved to London back … Continue Reading

Heads up – this is one of those random blog posts! 🙂 Permit me to introduce you to two of my new found obsessions – iPhone Timelapse videos (which I now realised I can upload onto Vine) and hence started doing so properly a little under two weeks ago – starting with this one with … Continue Reading

London is a totally diverse and international city, which, if I’m honest is what makes the best areas of London so special. These are all filled with a huge mix of amazing cultures and yummy food, too. That being said, it can be hard to whittle down some of the best things to do in … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** Travelling the world is absolutely amazing but even more amazing than that is being able to do so for free! Here are a few find this week that might be able to help you do so. 1.) Head over to South Africa? 2.) …or visit the Scottish Highlands. 3.) Get a stay … Continue Reading

Food is amazing. Good food is out of this world. Good food with a great view is something out of this world! I’m a sucker for a fantastically cooked meal and I’m pretty sure you are too and when there’s a great view to go hand in hand with the meal (as long as it’s … Continue Reading