A drive across the Cape Peninsula is one thing that was recommended to us time and time again by pretty much everyone we met in Cape Town so seeing as we had a car, we figured we might as well make the most of it and explore the route. I have to say, the route … Continue Reading

It’s so easy to be impressed by waterfalls, they’re just so awe-inspiring. The very nature of what they are means that they’re landmarks in themselves; and in a lot of cases, reasons to visit a place in themselves. After all, there are a heap of amazing waterfalls in the world that are dotted on every … Continue Reading

If money was no object of course! 🙂 The other day, I got an exciting email – it was an email from UK’s official lottery saying a ticket I’d played had just won. I kid you not, I immediately started day-dreaming about all the amazing “If money was no object” type holidays that I could have. … Continue Reading

Been meaning to put up a post to say this for ages but since I couldn’t figure out some ridiculously eloquent way of saying this, I figured I might as well blurt it out. As you already know (it’s no secret really), I’m a huge fan of FOOD (hence why there’s a whole category on … Continue Reading

London is an incredible city to visit! With all the diverse neighbourhoods to explore, beautiful London palaces to see and the heaps of markets in London, it’s a city that’s got something for every visitor. That being said, with so much choice comes a bamboozling amount of the best tours in London to book whilst … Continue Reading

Dallas is one of the incredible places in Texas you can’t miss. And, just like Houston, Austin and San Antonio, there’s a treasure trove of experiences, foodie spots and live music places to enjoy. In fact, you’re gonna be spoilt for choice with all the best things to do in Dallas… so make sure to … Continue Reading

Perched on the East Coast, Washington, D.C. is a pretty incredible city to visit if you’re looking to explore one of the best cities in the USA. Not only is it the capital, but it’s also got a ton of charm, history and a hoard of cultural sights that can’t be missed. This is exactly … Continue Reading

Oh, I’ve wanted to tell you about this bit for ages! Like, as soon as it happened, all I wanted to do was share it but somehow I’ve not managed to get the time to do this until now. (*It probably doesn’t help that I ended up taking like 1 million photos from this afternoon … Continue Reading

One of my favourite things about travelling is getting to see new animals in person! Even without travelling, I’ve always been a fan of animal documentaries – David Attenborough got me hooked from a young age and so you can just imagine my delight and surprise when I get to see these animals I’ve seen … Continue Reading

Spain is an incredible country to explore that’s so much more than it’s beautiful beaches or the Balearic Islands. That’s not to say they’re not gorgeous (they are) but Spain is a pretty vast country that has so much more going on. There are literally thousands of places in Spain to visit that you’ll be … Continue Reading

Nestled right on the North and South Carolina borders, Charlotte is an incredible city to visit. Not only is there a heap of the best things to do in Charlotte that are dotted all across the city, but it’s also within easy reach of some totally stunning spots. All just outside the city boundaries and … Continue Reading

Spain is such a diverse country to explore! It’s got a heap of history and a load of the best Spanish towns to visit that are dotted all over the country. From the breathtaking heights of Ronda, and the stunning Salamanca to the totally delicious vineyards towns in La Rioja; they’re totally stunning to see.  … Continue Reading

Guest Post by Caroline Sølver I feel like Caroline needs no introduction as we’ve introduced her a couple of times in the previous guest posts on Berlin and Brunch so we’re just gonna jump right into this ‘sunny’ new guest post by Caroline. If you wanna see more from Caroline – she also blogs over … Continue Reading

This is the 3rd part of a 5 part series chronicling Stephen of Uncharted Backpacker‘s journey through Afghanistan – if you missed it, see all the other parts here. FROM STEPHEN Onwards to Kabul Spending around a week in the Northern regions, it was time to head south. I caught the three AM public bus from Mazar … Continue Reading