If I were the postcards sending type I would like to think that these are some of the photos that I would send as as a postcards from Australia but alas, I never really send postcards. I have nothing against them – au contraire, I actually like receiving postcards and I never throw them away (some say “hoarder”, I say “sentimental”) – the only thing is that I just never seem to get round to sending them to people. I think I’ll just stick to Instagram (Facebook or Pinterest) for now.

In any case, here are some postcards I’m sending YOU (electronically anyway), from my trip to Australia last month. I say Australia instead of a specific place, (e.g. Sydney) because a.) Some of these photos were taken in Sydney; and b.) some are not. #SimpleAsPie

PS: It is also perhaps not a coincidence that two of these photos are of food… 😉 It’s okay to send food photos as postcards right?

Aaaahh! I almost forgot – there’s a giveaway coming up soon! This time it’s geared towards the photography enthusiasts in you! #StayTuned

Postcards from Australia (6)Postcards from Australia (7)Postcards from Australia (2)Postcards from Australia (4)Postcards from Australia (3)Postcards from Australia (1)Postcards from Australia (5)

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