Tasmania is one of those places in Tasmania that’s incredible to explore but sometimes forgotten in lieu of more famous spots like Sydney. That being said, there’s a shed load of amazing and best things to do in Tasmania that are dotted all across the island.  This amazing part of Australia is absolutely worth the … Continue Reading

When we visited Sydney, our friends (who had just moved from Melbourne and hence were urging us to visit), described it as Sydney’s more fun sister. Effectively, if met you both of them at a party, Melbourne is the ‘sister’ that you’d expect to spend all night at the party, laughing chatting and dancing with … Continue Reading

Sydney is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world (here’s looking at you Opera House) and indeed, some of the most impressive beaches in the world so it’s pretty safe to say that finding a great view in the capital of New South Wales, Australia isn’t the hardest of tasks but with … Continue Reading

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – wine is good enough reason to travel! 😉 The search of wine of course can take you all across the globe but certain places just stand out for their amazing wines and Australia is just one of those places. Australian wines are pretty well renowned … Continue Reading

Australia is a big ol’ country and filled to the brim with exciting experiences and beautiful landscapes that you’ll want to discover and what better way to see them, than with your very own road-trip. From its ridiculously beautiful beaches and coral reef, the vineyards (yum!) to the incredibly vast National Park network, your road trip possibilities … Continue Reading

If there’s one thing Australia is famous for, it’s definitely its amazing beaches. I mean – come on, this is a country where you can go down to the beach in winter! And I’m not just saying this – I actually did this on my trip to Australia… and I have a sneaky suspicion that … Continue Reading

These are all cities I have had the pleasure of visiting at one time or the other and while I love travelling to many cities and spending a few days there, coming from London, there are very few cities where I’ve been left thinking “I could live here..” after a visit. Connecting with a city, … Continue Reading

That entrance though! Looks more like Lunatic Park… Okay, I’ll explain why I said “Free-ish” instead of “Free”. It is technically free to visit Luna Park. There are no entrance free charges to actually get into the park but you do have to pay for whatever rides you wanna get on – along with whatever … Continue Reading

2014 was the year that Hand Luggage Only was truly born! Lloyd and I started toying with the idea of Hand Luggage Only back in 2012 after travelling around at every opportunity possible and accumulating quite a lot of travel photos so after a bit of “to’ing” and “fro’ing” we finally decided to go for … Continue Reading

For most of us, Australia is a pretty long way away (even from places closer like Bali, the flights are still a few hours away) so a trip to Syndey is definitely one you want to pack in as much stuff as possible. On our trip to Australia from the UK, we flew to Dubai … Continue Reading

Yes, Manly is the name of a real place and the inspiration behind it is because Capt. Arthur Phillip (yes, I don’t really know who he is either) thought the indigenous people looked quite manly and so he thought the name apt. To get to Manly from the city centre of Sydney, you catch a … Continue Reading

If I were the postcards sending type I would like to think that these are some of the photos that I would send as as a postcards from Australia but alas, I never really send postcards. I have nothing against them – au contraire, I actually like receiving postcards and I never throw them away … Continue Reading

Bit of background: I’ve been quite lucky to have spent the last few months living outside of the UK. Funnily enough, for all my love of travelling, I’d never been to Asia before and so this was  a summer of firsts. The first opportunity I got, I packed as much travel as possible into every … Continue Reading

Okay, being Australian is not the only prerequisite for helping out here. In fact, there’s only one pre-requisite and that’s if you watch the TV show ‘Home and Away’. Effectively, we were walking down Palm Beach, a suburb of Sydney, Australia when we happened upon this TV crew and cast. Being the nosey parker I … Continue Reading