You already know how much I value your advice! I already have trips booked this year based on your recommendations and I need your advice even more as I book more trips. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said how we’d like to go to South America this year? Well we’ve started having a look at planning this humongous trip with our friends and there’s just so much to do and see that we need to find a way to prioritize everything – this is where I need your help! I have several questions (listed below) but if there is anything else I’ve missed off that you would like to add, I would really appreciate it. Here are my questions:

1.) What countries (and cities) would you recommend I visit?

2.) What route would you recommend travelling through?

3.) How long would you recommend we visit for? (Currently, I’m thinking 2/3 weeks)

4.) What kind of weekly budget would you also recommend? I’m not looking to backpack so I know it won’t be quite as cheap as that but I’m also not looking exclusively at luxury accomodation so a mid range weekly budget suggestion would be helpful.

5.) What sights would recommend seeing in each country?

6.) If you’ve been to South America (or know someone who has), or currently live (or have lived) in South America (in any country), what tour operators or websites would you recommend using for booking tours, local flights, accommodation… etc?

7.) What general travel or safety advice would you give for any country in South America.

There are some obvious attractions like Machu Picchu, Rio, Iguassu Falls, the salt flats in Bolivia…etc but there’s just so much to do and see and I really need help defining our plans.

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