Perched right in the North Atlantic, the stunning country of Iceland is an incredible place to visit! Not only for its beautiful places to see and the gorgeous towns to visit but also for the best restaurants in Iceland where I guarantee you’ll gorge at! And that’s the thing that makes Iceland so special if I’m … Continue Reading

The thing about Iceland is that it’s so diverse. Yes, you’ve got all the incredible nature, awe-inspiring vistas and the Blue Lagoon – but there’s so much more to Iceland than just it’s gorgeous natural landscapes. There really is a whole heap of the best towns in Iceland… all with their own heritage, stories and … Continue Reading

At first thought, Iceland may not seem like an ideal place to go wandering off on a hike. The clue is in the name after all. But this is the thing with Iceland; the weather isn’t nearly as extreme as you’d think, especially so in the summertime. Hiking in Iceland is something you can do … Continue Reading

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Iceland is a beautiful country to visit and one of the most unique when it comes to the most epic places to see! And, although a first-time visit to Iceland is an exciting prospect, there’s a heap of planning, logistics and bookings to be made to ensure a nice smooth trip. This is exactly why … Continue Reading

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Any trip to Iceland is almost always going to be exciting! Honestly, the island is stunning and that’s why I wanted to share a map of Iceland’s best places to visit. Hopefully, this will help on a first-visit and help you see some of the more famous and popular Icelandic gems. Now, when planning a … Continue Reading

Iceland is one of the most breathtaking countries to explore in, dare I say it, all the world. Its dramatic landscape gives us travellers some of the best opportunities to discover how unique and stunningly beautiful our world truly is!. There are so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you should have whilst visiting Iceland, from; the magnificent … Continue Reading

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Iceland is a totally stunning country to explore! This is especially true when you’re heading over to see all the best places that are dotted all across the country. That being said, the capital, Reykjavik also has a lovely charm, too and is well worth visiting for a day (or two) whilst on a wider … Continue Reading

Iceland is a total dream country to visit, especially if you’re keen on the kind of trip that’s a little different from a beach or tropical holiday. That being said, it’s totally huge (much bigger than you might think)! So, I wanted to share our 1-week itinerary to visit Iceland that’ll help you along your … Continue Reading

Iceland is one of those amazing countries to visit that’s totally filled with epic places to see. From the dramatic volcanic landscapes, incredible hiking routes, gorgeous little towns to the tastiest restaurants; Iceland has loads to experience. Not only that, but there is also are a heap of stunning experiences to have in Iceland that you … Continue Reading

Our whale watching tour was originally meant to happen on the day after we arrived in Iceland but there was a storm and all whale watching tours were cancelled everywhere. This storm held out for several days and we rescheduled a few times but the guys at Special Tours were so nice and helpful on … Continue Reading