Nestled in between the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and the dramatic mountains of Cévennes is Nimes, one of France’s prettiest little cities!  Of course, everyone has heard of the big-hitting destinations of Paris, Lille and Bordeaux, but there’s so much more to this incredible country that doesn’t involve the most popular ports-of-call… …case in point, with … Continue Reading

Yup! You heard right! 🙂 The south of France is synonymous with beautiful beaches, great weather and I guess a truly decadent lifestyle yet it is also full of so much amazing history and sights. In the interest of full disclosure, I hadn’t heard much about Nimes until I was looking on for a … Continue Reading

*Heads up – this is a very photo heavy post so you might wanna hunker down with a nice cuppa tea, leave it a couple of minutes to load (no longer!) and serve yourself some cake (no euphemism 🙂 ) before you proceed! 😉 😀 When it comes to food, it’s always a good idea to … Continue Reading

At least once a year, we gather round up our group of friends and head off somewhere on a bit of an adventure! This time we decided to head to the Roman city of Nimes… in France, believe it or not. (The year before was Berlin and the first one for this year is South … Continue Reading

Our last trip to Nimes was one of those perfect friend’s holidays. Nimes is an incredible Roman city in France and is actually one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world (its temple and amphitheatre are prime examples of this) – not quite what you’d expect from a French city right? We managed … Continue Reading