On our final morning in Berlin, I decided it was high time we visited a place we’d missed out on, on our previous trip – Charlottenburg Palace; and also to finally explore inside the Berlin Cathedral. A quick taxi ride later – we arrived at the Palace – only to find that as it was … Continue Reading

Berlin has literally one of the best selection of unique hotels to stay at in all of Europe. From house-boats, soviet era boarding lodges, plush bedrooms and palatial suites – Berlin has your preference covered. The eclectic mix of art, culture and people have seemingly rubbed off on many of the amazing hotels in this … Continue Reading

Our arrival in Berlin was very much defined by a ridiculous amount of sleepiness. As it turns out, the adrenaline that keeps you awake till your taxi with your friends arrives at 3am and leaves you guys chatting all the way to the hotel in your destination, is a sneaky little thing! It’ll abandon you … Continue Reading

Also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Holocaust Memorial is a sombre remembrance in Berlin of all the Jewish victims from the World War. According to the architect who designed it the memorial is meant to evoke an unease and confusion. It’s meant to show how a supposedly ‘ordered system’ … Continue Reading

A first-time visit to Berlin is bound to be an absolutely incredible experience, filled with an eclectic mix of history, culture and gorgeous sights, it’s a city that intrigues yet embraces us visitors with open arms. Whether you’re going for a long weekend, a week or even months, it’s likely you’ll be scrambling for time to … Continue Reading

A trip to Berlin’s Flohmarkt in Mauerpark is one of the things everyone seems to recommend that you do. As you might recall from our instagram, we were very recently in Berlin with a huge bunch of friends – there were about 11 of us in total and after a day or seeing the sights, followed … Continue Reading

Okay, I’m putting it out there, this hotel HAS to be the most unusual hotel I have ever seen. Imagine if you could actually fall in love with a hotel… well, I’m at that stage! The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin is truly remarkable and for all the right reasons. I even think it’s … Continue Reading

This is the second part of this post on sightseeing in Berlin here. Let’s carry on, shall we! 🙂 Neue Kirche / New Church (Also known as “Deutscher Dom”) Konzerthaus Berlin FRENCH CATHEDRAL Berlin Cathedral Berlin TV Tower Berlin Cathedral (again) Altes Museum Humboldt University Reichstag building Brandenburg Gate To complete this list is this … Continue Reading

I was going to write this post about a week ago but I genuinely couldn’t think of a way to start it. I still can’t think of a way to start it so rather than procrastinating any further, I’m just trawl through all the sights we saw in Berlin. There are too many photos to … Continue Reading

Berlin is a city that totally took me by surprise, albeit not the first time I visited. The first time was with friends (10 of us in total) and we had no expectations whatsoever. The second time we visited it was just the two of us, we’d seen a lot of the sights the first … Continue Reading

German Christmas markets are without a doubt reason in themselves to head over to any German city, town or village in December – especially Berlin. There’s just something so exciting about them! Here’s the thing though, my first trip to Berlin didn’t leave much of an impression of the city on me. Don’t get me … Continue Reading

The sun didn’t shine much during our long weekend in Berlin but oh, boy when it did, it showed the city off in such a brilliant way. I’ve just gotten round to editing my photos from Berlin (finally!) and will have those on here very soon. In my typical impatient manner, I had to share … Continue Reading

Berlin is one of those European cities that has been defined by war. Everywhere you go, the city’s painful past is evident – from the ruins of one grand structures to the eclectic mix of houses built at different times by different generations, Berlin has truly been shaped by the wars its seen. I remember … Continue Reading

Weihnachtszauber am Gendarmenmarkt is arguably the best Christmas market in Berlin! The location alone, right outside Berlin’s Konzerthaus (and next two of it’s most iconic churches – Neue Kirche a.k.a. Deutscher Dom and Französischer Dom, the German and French churches, respectively) makes it one of the best spots to be in the city during the … Continue Reading