I slept very well on Saturday night. Between the amazing meal from the night before and the brilliant hotel, I pretty much conked out as soon as I hit the hotel room. There’s just something fantastic about getting a good night’s sleep that’s irreplaceable. This Time Out London spontaneous weekend away thing was certainly working … Continue Reading

Burgers well and truly demolished (and satisfyingly so) I figured it was time to pack in as much of the harbour festival as was left of it for the day before heading back to the hotel for a bit of pool time pre-dinner. Everyone was having such a glorious time and I was in high … Continue Reading

My weekend away was so much fun. One thing is for sure, I was blessed with beautiful sunshine all-day, all-weekend! If you’re from the UK, you will know how rare this much sunshine can be. 🙂 I spontaneously booked the Bristol Royal Hotel, by Marriott with the help of the Booking Now app (like I mentioned … Continue Reading

I do love a good getaway! 🙂 This weekend I had no plans whatsoever… Actually scratch that! I ‘kinda’ had plans but most of it involved challenging myself to eat my body’s weight in free samples at food markets in London and lots of catching up on Netflix  – both of which I am very … Continue Reading