The night before we left for Cologne, our flights over were cancelled at the last minute. Funny thing is, before that, I’d never even considered any other way of getting to Germany, let alone Cologne. This all changed of course and before long, we rebooked to take the train to Cologne from London with a … Continue Reading

Making our way over from KölnTriangle to the city centre, we decided to pop into the fairgrounds for some more toffee apples (anyone who’s ever eaten a soggy supermarket toffee apple) will understand why we (but especially Lloyd) is obsessed with the stuff. We got a couple to go and walked over the bridge in … Continue Reading

Nestled on the western fringes of the country, Cologne is one of the best cities and best places in Germany to explore. Hands down! Bustling with life and character, there’s an incredibly diverse mix of the best things to do in Cologne that you won’t want to miss. Cologne is one of Germany’s largest and … Continue Reading

For how much I love visiting Germany to see family (and for its Christmas markets), I realise that there’s so much of Germany I still haven’t seen and that I really REALLY wanted to. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we rectified that with Cologne and this city is such a treat and a fantastic … Continue Reading

The sun came out to play the next day in Cologne! It’s funny how a little thing like blue skies can change the look of a city so much. After a quick walk through the city to burn off the breakfast calories, we found ourselves back at Cologne Cathedral, totally determined to climb it! By … Continue Reading

Cologne is so synonymous with amazing Christmas markets (which makes winter a great time to visit) but there’s so much more to this city than it’s festive markets. We were due to fly in but thanks to last minute changes with the flights, we ended up taking the train instead. I actually recommend taking the … Continue Reading

Cologne Cathedral is as amazing as they said it would be! I’d seen it briefly when we arrived by train the night before but didn’t have much time to explore it (nor would I have wanted to with our luggage in tow) so I was justifiably excited to finally get to see it properly (especially … Continue Reading

Leaving the party at Museum Ludwig, we decided to go with the easy option and head next door to the Roman-Germanic Museum. The vibe here is a lot more laid back, even down to the musical act which made for a great cool-down spot with a brew while popping between ancient Roman artefacts. As Lloyd … Continue Reading