Confession time: I’ve never really been a fan of mushrooms. I just find the taste a bit too ‘earthy’ (I typically describe them as tasting like mushy dirt). I can’t honestly tell you why either. In small quantities (e.g. mini pieces on a pizza), I can just about handle them but when you serve up a … Continue Reading

Rocamadour was one French gem I was looking forward to seeing and boy did I meet my expectations! When you’re here though, you can’t leave without trying one of the region’s most famous items – Rocamadour cheese, and it doesn’t come much fresher than from the actual farm! Rocamadour cheese is actually made from goat’s milk … Continue Reading

We are in Dordogne and you know what that means – photo update time. It’s our very first time visiting and now that we’re here, we honestly don’t know what took us so long to visit. Seriously, everyone (back at home) we’ve been speaking to about this area keeps going on about how beautiful the … Continue Reading

The following morning in Sarlat, we found ourselves with a fair bit of free time. We would be meeting with a chef later in the day to try some proper cuisine from the region but for now, time to see Sarlat in the glorious sunshine! As we were in Sarlat on a Saturday morning, the … Continue Reading

Our visit to Martel was rather last minute… We’d no idea where we were initially, only that it was beautiful and that we wanted to spend more time here and so we did! Visiting here, like any good French town (technically, a French commune) is like stepping back in time. It’s all cute French houses, even … Continue Reading

First off, let me start by apologising for how many times I saw “absolutely” in this! 😀 😀 😀 I never even realised it till I was watching this back and thinking “I really need to diversify my vocabulary…” *face palm* That aside though, the Dorodgne Valley in France is absolutely worth all the praised, admiration … Continue Reading

Our last evening on our trip to the Dordogne Valley in France was spent in a beautiful chateau with its adjoining vineyard – Chateau de Panisseau. We’d arrived shortly after leaving the charming village of Issigeac and wasted no time in checking out the new digs. This place is sheer French perfection – right down … Continue Reading

If Collonges La Rouge is France’s most beautiful village, then Rocamadour is definitely its most dramatic! Unlike Collonges La Rouge, which turned out to be quite a surprise visit on our trip through the Dordogne Valley, Rocamadour was one I had been looking forward to from the start! Pinterest had me fawning about this village … Continue Reading

To get into the Dordogne Valley, you will most likely arrive at Brive or Bergerac airport (unless of course, if you drive in) and while there’s not an awful lot to do in Brive, it’s still worth a little visit, even if just for a few hours. To start, head over to the market for … Continue Reading

Before we arrived into France’s Dordogne Valley, I’d never heard about Sarlat. This changed almost the minute we walked outside of the airport as everyone we spoke to recommended that we visit.  Arecommendation we took very much to heart. After leaving the beautiful sleepy French town of Martel, we made our way over to Sarlat … Continue Reading

The Dordogne Valley is arguably one of the most beautiful places to visit in France and one that’s very easily overlooked in favour of more popular parts of France. The thing is, even for me, who lives in the UK, the Dordogne Valley is one French region we’d overlooked. That said, until last summer when … Continue Reading

By the point we arrived in Issigeac, we’d come to realise (and happily accept) that France’s Dordogne valley is filled with some of the most pictures villages, cities and towns in all the land. We’re talking about places that look like you’re stepping into a French fairytale and is the idea of France that we … Continue Reading