You’ve loved the hype of Christmas and New Years Eve; the carols, the gifts, the prosecco, the 8 mince pies you scoffed alone, even seeing your tipsy family members fawn over your significant other…  but what should you do for New Year’s Day?

There always seems to be so much pressure on ‘doing’ something for New Years Day that isn’t just about nursing a hangover and feelings of early onset-guilt for not sticking to your resolution.

Thankfully, London has you covered, there is so much more to New Year’s day than enjoying the remnants of last nights cocktail sausages and watching catch-up TV (although the latter is a personal favourite of mine). If you’re running out of ideas of what to do for New Year’s Day, take a look at my choices.

Hopefully, these will take you away from living Day 1 of the year vicariously through an Eastenders omnibus and enjoy more of an adventure in London Town!

1.) Enjoy Some Ancient Antics At The Southbank Ceilidh

This year, why not shake off the cake fuelled calories of Christmas at The Southbank Ceilidh. Three hours of fun, laughter and general raucousness that will leave you energised and ready for the year ahead.

Cost: Free

2.) Dance The Day Away At The New Year’s Day Gala

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The New Year’s Day Gala is one of London’s most loved events. Taking place in the brutalist Barbican area of Central London, the gala provides a perfect excuse to dress up and keep January the first as glamorous as your year ahead.

Cost: Tickets range from around £20-45, available here.

3.) Don’t Just Watch The Parade

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Love it or hate it, the London parade has over 8000 performers that enchant the streets of London on New Years Day. Fed up of just watching? Why not partake in next years parade too? Got a talent, part of a local club or amateur dramatics group… it’s time to get involved. 🙂

Cost: Free

4.) Go For An Icy Dip At Hampton Pool

For some reason, we Londoners love to punish ourselves, with this coming year being no exception! Why not keep up this ‘homage’ and go for an outdoor swim. Invigorating! Just remember to lather yourself up with Vaseline to keep warm(er)! 🙂

Cost: £6

5.) Skate Your Way Through Somerset House

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Somerset House is one of the most popular Ice-rinks in London. Head here on New Years Day and miss the majority of the crowds… especially in the morning. A great hangover cure!

Cost: From £7.50

6.) Enter The Promise Land

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Looking for an ’80s fuelled party day-athon in Central London? Look no further than ‘The Promise Land‘. A fun fuelled event that keeps the party going all day and most of the early hours! It starts in the afternoon and is located at Egg London in Kings Cross.

Cost: Approximately £20

7.) Sniff Your Way Through Soho

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Have you read about some of the secret spots in London? Well, these noses are one of them! To see several of them, you should definitely take a tour with the renowned Westminster City guide, Peter Berthoud who traverses a bounty of secret spots of his own.. with four classic pubs included. *hic*

Cost: £20 – tickets available here.

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