Ski holidays are undoubtedly one of the highlights of winter. My very first one started with a bit of terror (I learned to ski as an adult) but in just a few hours on the slopes, it quickly became one of my favourite winter holidays! It’s safe to say that there are so many cool places to ski that the thought of finding the best places to ski around the world can seem a tad overwhelming – the differences seem subtle on paper but can be quite big and some places will just suit certain skiers over others.

Some places have great après ski (the fun you have after skiing), some are known for their amazing food scenes, some have easier to navigate slopes, others are trickier and more fun for advanced skiers, some get a lot more snow than others, some are really busy, some are quieter…etc. There’s just so much to consider beyond that fluffy snow than can actually make or break your ski holiday. And that’s before you even start looking at the ski lodges! 😄

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (2)

To help you on your merry way with your ski holiday this year (I’m already excited just thinking about planning it for this year), we’ve whittled down some of the best places to ski across, tried, tested and very much enjoyed by yours truly, including what to expect from each one and why each one is special so you can decide which ski resort is perfect for your next ski trip!

How to organise your perfect ski trip

Before we jump, we figured it makes sense to touch on the actual logistics and organising your ski holiday. Love or loathe it, this stage is by far the most important part of the ski holiday! It’s the bit that pretty much sets the tone for the entire holiday and the one thing that you just want, nay – need!, to get right from the start!

Now, if I’m totally honest, this is always the most daunting part for me. For example, you’ve got to organise all your equipment, where to stay, eat, drink.. you know, the usual stuff that can bog you down in the planning stages. Though, there are always those sneaky things that you (or me, at least) always tend to forget until it’s decision time. 

It’s the simple things like the, “Are the slopes actually easy (read: fun) enough for me to ski?”, “Should I rent or buy the equipment?”, “Can I actually afford to go skiing once I tally up those costs?“, “Is there a better deal or saving on these costs?”…

…Spoiler alert, on that last one, you should always look for a good ski deal – you can actually save a fair to be spent on other more important things (like your apres ski choices). 😂

Anyway, I’m rambling away but there are some really easy ways to actually make ski holiday preparations much less of a nightmare. After all, everyone wants a hassle-free holiday, especially when it comes to finding the best places to ski.

Over the years, we’ve got amassed a whole heap of different providers that can actually help you book different aspects of a trip and some that’ll take care of everything for you. Suffice to say, some are always that bit better than others. 

Case in point, the gang at Skiworld are one of the trusted and easily up there as one of the best to go with. We actually found out about them from a friend initially and they just make things so much simpler. They’ve got a treasure-trove of knowledge on everything skiing and can organise literally everything for you! Anything that makes my travel planning easier is always an easy win for me. 

They totally take the hassle out of the planning and you can choose as little or as much as you want from them. Especially as they’ve got everything from all-inclusive ski trips, luxury ski getaways and totally tailored trips that you design with the gang at Skiworld which just makes sure that the trip is exactly what you’re looking for. 

The 10 Best Places To Ski

Now that we’ve covered, the important organisation part (which was kind of an easy one ultimately as it just involves letting Skiworld plan it all for you), let’s jump right into the best places to ski, shall we? 😁😁😁

1.) Les 2 Alpes

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (5)

The great thing about Les 2 Alpes is that it has stunning views across the area due to it bordering the Ecrins National Park. Originally two villages, hence the name 2 Alpes now united into one winter paradise that’s perfect for skiing. 

Better still, Les 2 Alpes has 225kms of slopes, accessible to all – which makes it totally friendly for all abilities.  It’s also the very highest skiable glacier in all of France at 3600m… now, you can’t get cooler than that. Oh, and that’s before we even get to the après ski.

After a day on the slopes, head for some après ski drinks in the Polar bear, family fondue dinners or nightclubbing until the wee hours. Les 2 Alpes really does have something for everyone!

Another great point about Les 2 Alpes is that it’s relatively compact, accessible and a pretty lively resort contained within 2km area. This all makes it easy to get around and reach the slopes, shops and winter activities. This expanse of powdery snow-capped mountain peaks makes for one of the best places to ski and a great place to visit in the winter months.

2.) Alpe d’Huez

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (4)

Perched high up in the French Alps (around 1800m), Alpe d’Huez is one of the best places to ski if you want some nice sunny slopes. Now, the reason for this is that Alpe d’Huez was made into a ski-resort due to the clear days (it usually has) and the snowy nights. This all makes for some epic ski conditions, especially if you love a good view as you’re skiing.

Now, if you’re something of a pro skier, Alpe d’Huez is the place to be. After all, they won the award for the Best European Ski Resort 2019! 

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (3)

It’s got the very longest black run in all the world and is perfect if you want to challenge yourself. That being said, there’s also slopes to fit all levels, so don’t fret if you don’t like black runs. Now, I’ve never tried this myself but another cool thing that makes Alpe d’Huez one of the best places to ski is that it’s one of a few resorts that offers night skiing. 

Don’t forget to also stop off at the Ice Caves, husky rides and Underground for some live music.

3.) Banff

Finding Wild Moose And Skiing In Sunshine Village... In Banff, Canada (16)

Possibly, one of my favourite areas in Canada, Banff has a lot going for it! Perched around a 3-hour drive from Calgary, it’s a great place to explore if you’re wanting to ski but also explore some of the national park itself.

Now, for the skiing, head across to Sunshine Village. Here, you’ll find a whole heap of slopes and beautiful vistas that are totally gorgeous.

Driving Canada's Epic Icefields Parkway And Finding The Frozen Bubbles Of Abraham Lake (8)

After skiing, head across for a hike through Johnston Canyon, explore Icefields Parkway, visit Lake Louise and explore the bubble lake of Lake Abraham.

Driving Canada's Epic Icefields Parkway And Finding The Frozen Bubbles Of Abraham Lake (30)

All are within a few hours from Sunshine Village and make for one of the best places to ski.

4.) Val d’Isere

This Is Definitely The Best Way To Go Skiing... With Hip Hideouts (20)

Val d’Isere is a firm favourite in Europe and a pretty popular spot for Brits to go skiing. That being said, you’ll get a pretty international vibe once you’re here and it’s one of the best places to ski if you want to visit a well-known ski spot.

Once here, you’ll realise that Val d’Isere is a stunning village that’s also pretty lively. This all makes it a great place to go if you love a little partying with your skiing.

The whole of Val d’Isere is gorgeous and it’s equally got a heap of runs that even stretch across the mountains to Tignes. Last time we visited, we skied from Tignes to Val d’Isere and it was honestly amazing!

For some hearty grub, pop on over to La Corniche that serves up som yummy Savoyard dishes that’ll leave you stuffed.

5.) Whistler

Now, Whistler might be one of the most famous ski towns in all of Canada. After all, it’s got something for everyone and is easily up there as one of the best places to ski whilst exploring British Columbia.

Once here, make sure to explore lots of the slopes that actually cross a huge amount of space across the mountain ranges. In fact, it’s something like 8000 acres!

Photos And Postcards From Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish And The Sunshine Coast... In British Columbia, Canada (24)

Also, if you’re here for a few days, make sure to head across to the Nordic Spa (which is so lovely when it’s ice-cold outside) or pop out snowmobiling that’ll take you across the more rural parts around Whistler.

Better still, if you fancy partnering your trip to Whistler with a city break, drive on over to Vancouver. Alternatively, grab a seaplane (like we did) to Vancouver itself. It’ll take you over some of the most serene and unspoilt nature. It’s beautiful.

Skiworld has also got a heap of different options for Whistler and they can tailor your trip to fit in with how you want to explore the area.

6.) Tignes

Nestled in the mountains, just across from Val d’Isere, Tignes is a little smaller than Val d’Isere but easily one of the best places to ski whilst in this area of the French Alps.

Dining 3032 Metres High In Tignes, France (53)

Now, the thing I love most about Tignes is the wide slopes that make it really enjoyable to ski, Sometimes, I just love a good ski that doesn’t require me to be totally focused on the slope, especially when you’ve got some incredible views to look at.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to visit Le Panoramic, which is a toasty restaurant perched over 300metres high.

Once here, make sure to try some of their grilled meats and gorge at their homemade dessert table. You’ll roll back down the hill!

7.) Sun Peaks

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (5)

Another firm favourite in British Columbia, Sun Peaks is a little off-the-radar for international visitors but it honestly shouldn’t be! We had the best few days skiing here and the whole resort is just gorgeous. Plus, it’s Canada’s second-largest ski area and is easily up there as one of the best places to ski.

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (4)

Now, if you’re feeling really brave (and you’re an advanced skier), head on down  Freddy’s Nightmare… I daren’t try it but it looks (and sounds) terrifying. Though, if it’s a more chilled out affair you’re after, don’t fret as Sun Peaks has plenty of family-friendly runs, too.

Just make sure to pack plenty of sun protection, the sun is really strong here.

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (1)

After a few days of skiing, head on over to try your hand at ice fishing on the frozen lake. We headed across around 7 am and actually ended up catching some fish through the frozen ice!

8.) Zermatt

10 Beautiful And Best Places To Ski This Year (1)

Zermatt is probably one of the prettiest and best places to ski if you’re wanting to head to Switzerland. Better still, it’s usually quite reliable for skiing conditions and has a whole range of slopes that are perfect for all levels.

Sleeping In An Igloo Under The Matterhorn... In Zermatt, Switzerland (21)

Now, one thing to note is that you won’t be able to drive to Zermatt as no cars are allowed. Though, you can take one of the prettiest train journeys to the town itself.

Once here, you’ll start to notice that there are actually four main ski areas to explore, those being; Sunnegga, Gornergrat, Klein Matterhorn and Schwarzsee. Honestly, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Also, for some epic après ski, head on down to Hennu Stall that has a load of live music and DJ’s that are great for a little party or get-together with mates.

Sleeping In An Igloo Under The Matterhorn... In Zermatt, Switzerland (37)

Also, if you’re fancying something really different, book yourself into an Igloo that’s perched overlooking the Matterhorn itself.

It’s an incredible place to stay for one night, especially within the art decorated ice rooms.

9.) Zell Am See

10 Things No One Ever Tell You About Skiing! Austria, Zell am See, (1)

Perched in Austria, right at the edge of Lake Zell, Zell am See is one of the best places to ski – especially if you love a gorgeous lakeside town, too.

Now, I have a total soft spot for Zell am See, especially as it’s one of the first places I learned to ski. Though, bias aside, it’s a really great place to spend a good few days skiing the slopes of Schmittenhöhe mountain.

Also, if you’re wanting a little break from skiing, Zell am See has a heap of established snow-shoe trails and winter hiking, too.

10.) Montgenevre

Skiing In Montgenevre, France (19)

Nestled in the mountains within south-eastern France, Montgenevre is a stunning place to go skiing that’s also a little quieter than the big-hitting spots of Val d’Isere.

Perched within skiing distance of the border of Italy, Montgenevre is a great place to visit if you fancy skiing the epic slopes in France and popping over to Italy for dinner. It’s actually quite surreal to do but totally worth it.

After skiing the slopes, head across to some of the quaint towns like Briancon that’s actually the highest town in all of France.

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