Leaving the beautiful city of Ronda, there was one place on our visit to Southern Spain that I knew we had to find a way to fit into our travel plans and that place was The Alhambra. For ages, I’d been obsessed with The Alhambra and when I knew we’d be near enough to drive … Continue Reading

Alhambra is a palace in Spain and it is truly magnificent. Being centuries-old, having its origins back in 889, it’s an amazing piece of architecture. As you can imagine, of course, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site (and rightly so) and a source of inspiration and awe for visitors to Spain from all … Continue Reading

We arrived into Generalife absolutely panting after running all the way from the Alhambra. With our flights to catch in a few hours and palace entry closing in less than an hour, speed was of the essence. Thankfully, Generalife is so much smaller than the Alhambra and so after a short walk through the elaborate … Continue Reading