For such a small country, Denmark packs a hefty punch with all the amazing places to see all across the country. Plus, with places like Copenhagen and the tasty Scandinavian food, there’s a heap of reasons to visit. That being said, if you’ee a total history fiend (like me), you’ll definitely want to explore some of the best castles in Denmark, too. 

Honestly, for a relatively small country, it’s got a heap of them to see. Now, lots of visitors to Denmark tend to focus on a trip to explore the best things to do in Copenhagen. That being said, if you’ve got a few days free, it’s well worth leaving the city to explore some more of this epic country. 

Anyway, I don’t wanna keep rambling on but I really want to show you a fair few of the best castles in Denmark you can visit regardless of where you’re staying. 

As I said, Denmark is a relatively small country (in international terms) and it’s relatively easy to explore by car or train, too. Just make sure to plan your trip ahead of time.

This is especially true when thinking of visiting Copenhagen. Honestly, we’ve been a few times to the city but I always wished we’d added on at least one extra day in the city. 

Best Castles In Denmark

Take a look, below, at the best castles in Denmark to visit. Have the best time on your trip.

1.) Kronborg Castle

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Known as the home of Hamlet, Kronborg Castle is one of the best castles in Denmark that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Built way back in the 16th Century, Kronborg Castle and royal chambers is totally beautiful to explore. Now, it stopped actually being a royal palace back in the 18th Century but, with a good lick of paint and restoration, Kronborg Castle was reopened (to the public) in the early 20th Century.

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It’s about a 40-minute drive from the centre of Copenhagen and really easy to visit if you’re already in this area of Denmark for a day trip. Honestly, it’s really to get to and well worth it for a little day out of the city itself.

2.) Egeskov Castle

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Situated on the southern island of Funen, Egeskov Castle is one of the best castles in Denmark that isn’t in ruins.

Take a tour of the castle and its picturesque grounds and you might even come across remnants of the old oak forest that helped create the foundations of this historic castle. It really is a stunner of a spot to explore. 

If you’re already basing yourself at Odense, you’ll easily be able to visit Egeskov Castle at least once!

3.) Vordingborg Castle

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Officially Vordingborg’s most famous attraction, Vordingborg Castle almost looks like the home of Rapunzel.

Take a trip to the quaint little town and explore the vast grounds and ruins that date back almost a millennia. It’s totally gorgeous and one of the best castles in Denmark to explore when on a road trip around the country. 

Again, Vordingborg Castle is around a 70-minute drive from the centre of Copenhagen and well worth visiting for a little afternoon trip.

4.) Rosenborg Castle

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Rosenborg Castle is a perfect example of a renaissance castle in the beating heart of Copenhagen.

Take a few hours to explore this mighty castle and the Long Hall inside. It’s a totally great place to explore, especially after seeing all the cool spots in Copenhagen

Afterwards, don’t forget to take a whirlwind trip around Tivoli, too. It’s the fairground area in the centre of Copenhagen that is so historic. Make sure to buy some tickets for the rides and hop on the wooden rollercoaster that’s well over 100-years-old.

Honestly, it’s a good laugh, especially on a sunny day in Copenhagen itself. 

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5.) Rosenholm Castle

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Officially Denmark’s oldest family-owned castles, Rosenholm Castle is a home like no other.

With almost 500 years of history, this stunning castle, with much of its architectural inspiration coming from Italy in the 16th Century, is truly one of a kind in Northern Europe and easily one of the best castles in Denmark to visit; especially if you’re staying in Aarhus.

6.) Frederiksborg Castle

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Built as a royal residence in Hillerød, Frederiksborg Castle is a stunning example of the historic opulence of royal families in Denmark. Plus, it’s one of the largest Renaissance castles in all of Scandinavia.  

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Once here, don’t forget to head inside the Valdemar Room and the palace’s very own chapel, too.

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It’s well worth visiting and spending a good few hours exploring.

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Plus, you’ll get to see some of the inside rooms that are so iconic. 

7.) Aalborghus Castle

Best Castles in Denmark

With almost 500 years of history, Aalborghus Castle is one of the best castles in visit when exploring the country. 

It’s timber frame and charming buildings may look quite different from the likes of Frederiksborg Castle but its significance is just as important.

Now, not all of the original castle still exists but the East Wing is still present and well worth at taking a gander at. 

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8.) Christiansborg Palace

Best Castles in Denmark

Christiansborg Palace is another easy palace to visit whilst in Copenhagen.

Unlike any other building in the world, Christiansborg Palace houses all three supreme powers in governing a country; the country’s Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court. The palace itself is open to the public and much of its beauty can still be explored.

It’s totally stunning and well worth taking a gander at whilst exploring the rest of Copenhagen, too. 

9.) Dragsholm Castle

Perched on a small islet in Zealand, Dragsholm Castle is one of the oldest buildings in the region.

Nowadays you can not only explore but also stay in this wonderful (and haunted) castle. Keep an eye open for the grey and white lady that many people believe still walk the halls. Best of all, Dragsholm Castle is also a hotel and you can reserve a stay right within the property itself. 

It’s totally fit for royalty and you’ll have the best time. 

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