Chances are, if you love to travel, you’ll always be on the lookout for your next adventure! There always seems to be somewhere new and exciting to explore, somewhere you hadn’t thought about and places you hadn’t even considered.

Whether your travels take you near or far, there’s a whole heap of nifty little gadgets that aim to make our exploring that little bit easier.

From the downright practical to quirky alternatives, take a look at some of the niftiest gadgets that will make your travel much simpler, comfortable, safer and most importantly, more enjoyable.

 1.) Perch your head on a Pockindo

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate having to carry around one of those clunky neck pillows, especially when you’ve packed too much and really don’t want to cart it around for the rest of your trip.

The guys and gals at a European start-up, Pockindo have created a quirky solution to this problem, they’ve transformed the little blow-up pillow into a pillow of dreams. Designed by some big wig, osteopaths and physicians, the Pockindo Travel Pillow supports your neck and shoulders, all whilst taking a snooze on your long-haul flight.

A little quirky and yup, you may get a few (envious) looks but who cares! A good sleep trumps any glances! Unless you snore! 😉

2.) You Go Girl!

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Look, like it or lump it, we all gotta pee! There’s no doubt that us boys have it slightly easier in the tinkle arena… especially when on the go when hiking, heading to festivals and general outdoor activities.

One way to combat these pee problems is with a little contraption like ‘Go Girl’ which makes for an easier way for girls to tinkle on the go!

Get yours here

3.) Play with your pet 1,000’s of miles away

It’s the same for all of us, I’m sure! We’re itching to travel but we really don’t like leaving our cuddly kitten or pup – they’re part of the family and it can be quite difficult to leave them behind. One way to stay in contact (and get your daily, nay, hourly puppy fix) is to grab yourself a nifty Pet Cube where you can watch, play with lasers and even give your bundle of joy a little treat… even if you’re halfway around the world!

4.) Learn a language in a fun way

Whenever I visit a new place, I always want to learn as many key phrases and sentences as possible, rather than just assuming everyone else speaks English.

One really fun way to do this is with Flash Sticks Post-It Notes that have printed vocabulary in a language of your choice, helping us learn languages really quickly. Yes, you might have a house filled with Post-Its but at least you’ll know the language once you arrive (or at least enough to order a much-needed glass of wine). 😉

Get yours here

5.) Stay safe with travel adapters

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We’ve all been there… arrived at a destination, forgotten our international plug adapters and hurriedly rushed to the shop to buy any charger that fits. One of the best types of adapters to get is one that is for ‘world use’ – meaning that the plug will easily adapt to fit the socket.

Another way to make sure you are getting the right charger before you visit a new and exciting place is to check out this website (Electrical Safety First) that details not only which plug you’ll need but also the correct voltage and safety precautions you should take. No one wants their substandard or counterfeit charges causing a fire, or worse!

6.) Grab a good coffee, no matter where you are

The team behind Wacaco have come up with a nifty solution to those morning coffee cravings when travelling on the road! All hail the Minipresso that works with ground coffee or even capsules if you have them.

Just add water!

7.) Protect yourself from avalanches

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Skiing is one heck of a fun sport! Swooping down the slopes, swishing between the runs and enjoying a little tipple off-piste… this is how all wintry days should be spent! I’m more like a crab on ice going down the slopes but you know what, I own my rhythm and moves and still get down the blue slopes in one relatively unbroken piece 😉

On a more serious note, if you’re an avid skier and love to ski or snowboard off-piste, then make sure to check out this ABS dual bag system by North Face. Not only does it act as your backpack but also incorporates an avalanche airbag system that inflates on impact. Although, a little costly, this rucksack can actually save your life in, what is, a really dangerous situation.

Get yours here

8.) Track your keys/wallet or even bag

Tile is a cool little Bluetooth tracker that can be activated to ring when it’s hard to find, despite being nearby. It’s perfect for those of us (myself included) that constantly can’t figure out where we’ve placed our keys or have checked in similar-looking luggage and need an alert or notification when picking up our suitcases upon arrival. As your suitcase gets close to you, it will noise an alert you which bag is yours. Easy!

Get yours here

9.) Take advantage of Swedish design 

9 Quirky and Fun Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Much Easier (6)

Being Hand Luggage Only means that we always try to travel with hand luggage only… shhhh, we do cheat sometimes!

One of the best types of bags I’ve found, that fits within most airlines cabin baggage allowances is the Thule Subterra carry on. Not only is its Swedish design a lovely thing to look at, it’s also waterproof (you’ll know how valuable this is if you’ve travelled around London)

One other nifty feature I really love is the compression panel that allows you to squeeze even more stuff into your bag!

I’m one of those people who always pack way too much, so this gives me that little extra excuse to pack even more… for demonstration purposes, naturally! 😉

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