Swiftly following on from our time in Oia and Fira – we woke up bright and early for our early morning pick up by George fromĀ Santorini Tours. The tour was bespoke and so no concrete plans were made without speaking to us first. Having just been to Oia and Fira, we pretty much said … Continue Reading

It is probably safe to say that our trip to Santorini was one that we had been looking forward to for quite a while! While I want to tell you amazing stories of how we went out exploring immediately we arrived and soaked up the culture and all that amazing stuff, alas, most of us … Continue Reading

We have so much to catch up on, you and I! I feel like we haven’t spoken in a while and I have so much to say and of course, I want to hear what you have to say too but in a manner that would make Veruca Salt rather proud – I want to … Continue Reading

Hello!!! šŸ™‚ It’s been a rather hectic past few days and I write this after a few glasses of Greek wine, Ouzo, cheeses and cured meats I can’t remember the names of but promise to give you full details on as soon as I find the paper the names are written down on. In any … Continue Reading

We’reĀ headed off to Santorini in a few weeks (remember this post here?). ThisĀ has been on the cards for quite a while now but it’s slipped to the back of my mind for ages until I looked at my calendar recently and realised that it was almost time to head out to Greece again! I had … Continue Reading

It happens to the best of us – Monday morning arrives and all we can think about is heading on our next holiday. Planning your trip can be a daunting task in itself – What to do? What are the best islands to visit? How long is the flight? These questions all amount to what … Continue Reading

My first trip to Greece was to an island called Samos and seeing as I had such a brilliant time there, I figured it was high time to plan another trip to Greece – which is exactly what I did! This time, I plan on visiting the island of Santorini which looks absolutely picturesque! I … Continue Reading

There are loads of beautiful things to do in Samos. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever said anything different when it comes to Greece and its beautiful islands. Samos is a little less known, unlike its more popularĀ siblings of Corfu, Santorini or Mykonos. Though, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’tĀ visit. You’ll love it. This was … Continue Reading