I’m a big fan of the Greek Islands and not just because they’re stunning! There’s everything you could ever want, yummy Greek food, intimate little bays and that totally heart-warming Greek charm. There are literally so many places to see which is why you’re going to have a blast on your Crete Holidays. Over the … Continue Reading

You might have guessed by now that I have a proper soft spot for everything Greek. The incredibly gorgeous Greek islands, yummy Greek food and My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Okay, the latter isn’t Greek (per se) but you get the point… anything remotely Greek or mentioning Greece and you’ve got me hooked. The island … Continue Reading

Greece is one of those countries that you’ll never get bored of visiting. With thousands of little islands and the gorgeous mainland, it’s a place that just gets better with every trip. That’s what makes a trip to some of the most beautiful Greek Islands a necessity when in Greece. With tiny little islands like … Continue Reading

Out of all the Greek islands like; Corfu, Samos, Santorini or Mykonos, Crete is (without a doubt) the largest. It’s a place filled with everything from historic forts, plates of yummy Greek food and oodles of beautiful scenery. There’s a whole heap of amazing things to do in Crete. I promise you’ll be spoilt for choice. Now, as I said, … Continue Reading

I’ve got a total soft spot for Greece… from the stunning Greek Islands like; Santorini, Mykonos, Samos and Skiathos, to more hidden areas that are just as charming but that little bit lesser-known, Greece has it all! Now, I’m no stranger to the fact that my love of Greek food has a lot to do … Continue Reading

There are some places across Europe that just seem under-rated, not because of how popular/unpopular they are or even because of how beautiful (or otherwise) they are but instead because of how familiar they’ve become. Corfu is one of those places. I’d been to Corfu several times as a kid with my family and (as … Continue Reading

There’s so much more to Greece than just its amazing islands and recently we set out to see just that! See the thing is, in the past, despite the lure of more obvious places like Athens, we’d only ever been to the islands and the other that in mind, we headed off to explore the … Continue Reading

I’d heard some amazing things about the castle of Methoni (from our previous day in Costa Navarino), which was built by the Venetians over 800 years ago. The history of Greece still surprises me so much, it always seems so mystical and ancient… which is pretty obvious when I come to think of it! 🤣 … Continue Reading

I always get excited when visiting Greece! I don’t know if it’s the food, the relaxed way of life or the food that I seem to inhale as soon as I arrive… whatever the reason, it’s one of my favourite countries to explore. That being said, until recently I’d only ever visited some of the gorgeous … Continue Reading

Perched within the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is one of Greece’s most famous little islands. North of the stunning island of Santorini and east of the mainland, Mykonos is an incredible island to explore. There seems to be quite a few comparison made between Mykonos (as Greece’s fun-fuelled island) and Santorini (as Greece’s … Continue Reading

Greece is one heck of a delicious country. I swear, If it was a restaurant, I’d have signed up to its loyalty card, tried every single thing on the menu and probably have to be rolled out in fear of eating the whole kitchen. If you haven’t guessed, Greek food is kind of a big … Continue Reading

Santorini needs little Introduction, as Greek Islands go! In fact, I’d go as far in saying it’s probably one of the most iconic islands that pop to mind when we think of Greece. Those cave-like hotels clinging to the crumbly cliffs, the gorgeous sunset that washes Oia and who can forget the donkeys! Actually, on that … Continue Reading

As far as Greek holidays go, it’s probably safe to say that the islands (and some of the bigger cities in-land) tend to get most of the attention. Everyone wants (or has) that amazing photo of Santorini, Mykonos or Athens and very little spare a thought for some of the more rustic parts on the … Continue Reading

Yup, we’re in the midst of winter… frosty mornings, chilly winds and flurries of snow! However much you love winter, it can be a testing season, especially as the longer nights take hold. I’m all about embracing winter, in fact, the thought of a log cabin, roaring fire and plenty of snow is a total … Continue Reading