Santorini is an amazing island to visit in Greece. The whitewashed houses, picturesque sunsets, beautiful clifftop towns and amazing weather all make for an amazing idyllic getaway. Not only that but there are loads of top foods to eat in Santorini that’ll keep you stuffed for your whole trip.

Of course, you’ve got many epic places to see in Santorini, but food sometimes gets overshadowed by its beauty, which is the yummy Greek food around every corner.

Throughout our time in Santorini, we had one delicious meal after the other! So, to help you get the most out of your time in Santorini, I’ve created a brief list of some top foods to eat in Santorini when you visit.

Have an amazing visit to Greece.

1.) Fava me Koukia

Top foods to eat in Santorini Fava Beans

Fava me Koukia is one of the top foods to eat in Santorini and I totally fell in love with it. Yes, it’s not typically a meal in itself; but this side dish of fava beans is so yummy as an appetiser or as a side whilst dining in Greece.

In fact, Fava me Koukia is said to originate from the Cyclades Islands (which Santorini is a part of) and formed part of a traditional diet of the islanders.

Now, Fava me Koukia is typically made from fava beans and mushed up into a paste-like yumminess that’s typically served hot. It’s a little like having a warm hummus and is so good when drizzled with local Greek olive oil.

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2.) Gefthedes

top foods to eat in Santorini Tomato Gefthedes

Gefthedes are so good to eat at lunch! They’re a little like meatballs (that are sometimes squashed into flat discs to eat. They taste amazing, especially when made with fresh beef or lamb and rolled in Greek herbs.

Inside, along with the meat, you’ll find plenty of fresh oregano and mint that gives it such a fragrant smell and taste.

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3.) Saganaki

Top foods to eat in Santorini Saganaki

Whoever invented Saganaki deserves a reward. It’s literally delicious. 

Less of a dish and more of a cooking process; Saganaki is one of the top foods to eat in Santorini that’s cooked in a pan with lashings of olive oil.

Typically made with feta cheese and herbs, Saganaki is fried until golden brown before being drizzled with honey. It’s so good and well worth grabbing it as a starter or as a main meal when it can be served as shrimp saganaki. 

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4.) Greek Salad

Look, I don’t know what it is but Greek salads taste so much better in Greece. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, ripe tomatoes or local olive oil but they are so yummy. Now, nearly all restaurants in Santorini serve Greek salads so you won’t struggle to find one. 

Now, in my opinion, is to grab one at lunchtime and enjoy a Greek salad outdoors overlooking the caldera. It’s so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day in Santorini. 

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5.) Kofta

Top foods to eat in Santorini Kofta

Typically made on sticks (that are sometimes removed), Greek koftas are minced lamb (sometimes beef) that are doused in oregano and mint which makes it the most fragrant dish to eat for dinner. 

Typically served with tzatziki, pita and proper, freshly-cut, chips (fries). 

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6.) Greek wine 

Best Things To Eat In Santorini Greece

This is kinda of cheating (as it is to be sipped) but in a lot of ways. That being said, grapes are technically a food group, right?

But seriously, people take wine very seriously in Santorini so this is a pre/post (or perhaps even ‘during’) meal must.

For ease, book this Santorini wine tour with a local expert. They’ll take you all around the best wineries in Santorini and you’ll have plenty to try whilst overlooking the caldera.

We absolutely loved our tour, especially for the local wines which are unique, You see, many of the Santorini vines grow close to the ground. You’ll spot these as you travel from the airport to the Caldera itself.

Book: Guided Santorini wine tour

7.) Pomegranates

Top foods to eat in Santorini Pomegranate

It might not be native to the Cyclades Islands, but pomegranates grow in abundance around Santorini. So much so that it’s one of the top foods to eat in Santorini that’s relatively inexpensive. 

Each moring in Santorini, we would stroll to the local grocery store to grab some fresh pomegranates and devour them for breakfast. They were always so juicy and ripe in the summer months around July. 

8.) Roasted Greek lamb

top foods to eat in Santorini Lamb

It’s hard to ever go wrong with Greek lamb, it’s in so many dishes. From Stifado (which is like a hearty stew) to shanks and shoulder cuts. It’s so delicious.

Now, lamb is quite a fragrant meat if you’re unfamiliar and quite unique. It has a more flavourful taste than beef and is so good when eaten with freshly cut chips (which you should order in the restaurants there),

9.) Moussaka

top foods to eat in Santorini Moussaka

Probably one of Greece’s most famous dishes; mousaka is easy to find at restaurants in Santorini. Typically made with lamb, aubergine, garlic and cheese; it’s so good to have on its own or with a side salad at dinner.

Throughout our time in Santorini, I must have eaten around ten moussakas and no one tasted the same. The recipes have been passed down through generations, with each person who makes them adding their little flare here and there. A little extra herbs, more sauce, less lamb.

It all adds to each moussaka tasting quite unique, and I’ve never had one I’ve not liked.

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10.) Spanakopita

top foods to eat in Santorini Spanakopita

Spanakopita is one of my favourite things to buy from the bakeries in Santorini and they’re especially good first thing in the morning. Made up from filo pastry, filled with feta and spinach, it’s a yummy treat that’s so good as a convenience food on the go. 

Most bakeries or breakfast places will have Spanakopita so you won’t really miss it. Wash it all down with a frappe and you’re good to go for the day in Santorini.

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11.) Souvlaki and Gyros

top foods to eat in Santorini Lamb Kofta Souvlaki

Souvlaki is one dish I can eat over and over again when visiting Greece. Made from chunks of lamb, beef or chicken; it’s grilled on an open grill and paired with fresh salad, tzatziki and pita. Oh, and typically they are served with chips, too. If not, just ask as the freshly cut chips in Greek restaurants hit differently.

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Gyros are one of the top foods to eat in Santorini if you’re looking for food on the go. Typically made from thinly sliced meat, that’s placed inside a warm pita, it’s a delicious lunch (or snack) to have whilst wandering around Oia. Not only that, there’s fresh cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and sometimes chips inside the pita, too. 

And remember, if you’re not into wine (Greek or otherwise), you can always wash down your gyro with a nicely chilled cool brew of Mythos.

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