There’s so much more to Greece than just its amazing islands and recently we set out to see just that!

See the thing is, in the past, despite the lure of more obvious places like Athens, we’d only ever been to the islands and the other that in mind, we headed off to explore the West of Greece on a road trip.

This part of Greece without a doubt, feels and looks very different to the islands. It’s more rustic, more ‘real’ and a part of Greece that we absolutely enjoyed – for different reasons from visiting the islands. We’re talking quaint fishing villages, monasteries set atop mountains, a beautiful lake and the pretty little homes and stunning sunsets that come with said-lake… to mention but a few!

There’s just so much to see in this beautiful part of Greece and to show you some of that, here’s our video from our time in Western Greece! 😁


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Amazing Places To Visit In Western Greece

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