Ireland is a stunning place to explore and the kind of place that’s got a little something for everyone. From its incredible castles, cities like; Dublin and some of the most dramatic landscapes, Ireland is an incredible spot to visit. This is especially true for Galway on the west coast. Honestly, there are so many … Continue Reading

Northern Ireland is one incredible place to explore whilst travelling around Ireland and the UK. With all its valleys, rugged coastlines, beautiful castles and cities, there are so many amazing and best places in Northern Ireland to visit. Now, I might be a little bit biased (my grandparents are from Northern Ireland) but there’s just … Continue Reading

There’s absolutely no shortage of stunning places to visit in Ireland – a fact which has seen these beautiful Emerald Isle climb increasingly atop many a traveller’s list! Yes, it might rain a lot in Ireland but it’s no coincidence then that some of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland are also some … Continue Reading

Hey, it’s Henry here! You might remember from my last trip with the Hand Luggage Only guys to Barcelona? This time, however, I’ve ventured a little closer to home. All the way over to gorgeous Ireland! To be totally frank, I’m actually a little ashamed to say but (as a 24-year-old, Guinness loving, Irish jigging … Continue Reading

The best hikes in Ireland are without a doubt those that leave you absolutely in awe of the stunning natural beauty the country is so famous for! Those green rolling hills, jagged and dramatic coastlines, pastel coloured villages and amazing waterfalls are just some of the reasons to strap on those hiking boots and hit … Continue Reading

Ireland is an incredible island. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the Republic of Ireland in the south or Northern Ireland in the north-east, there’s an amazing mix of the beautiful Irish landscapes, vibrant cities (such as Dublin) and is surely the best place to break out your choicest Irish dance moves… eat your heart … Continue Reading

Ireland and its picturesque rolling hills, beautiful town and villages, famously friendly people and stunning castles are pretty much a must-do for anyone and everyone who enjoys a good old fashioned road trip! It’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world and some of the sights here are nothing short of ‘magical’ (and I’m not even … Continue Reading

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s right on our doorstep – especially when there are so many beautiful and world-renowned historic sites that are only a stone’s throw away! We’re fortunate that we have so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland… from the unique City of Bath, … Continue Reading

If you know where to head to, Dublin is one heck of an exciting city to explore! From the charm of the Irish, the rivers of Guinness and centuries of Irish history (and architecture), Dublin it a terrific place to experience! Okay, rivers of Guinness may be a slight exaggeration but there really are so … Continue Reading

…and the main reason we were in Ireland after all! After a few whiskeys, we merrily made our way through Dublin’s streets back to where we’d been earlier in the day… except it looked very different from a few hours ago. The Guinness storehouse was celebrating its 15th birthday – excitement was in the air and … Continue Reading

…which as it turns out, is actually pronounced ‘pah-cheen’. Straight after our afternoon sampling all the Guinness storehouse had to offer (see part 1 here and part 2 here), we headed back to hotel which was understandably rather festively decorated. Maybe I’d just been away from London for so long and missed it but it definitely … Continue Reading

Right, now where was I? Oh yes, carrying on from the first part of this post, our starters had just arrived at The Connoisseur Bar in the Guinness Storehouse and they’d disappeared down our greedy gobs much quicker than they’d arrived! Next up, we had the wild atlantic seafood chowder with a sprinkling of Carragheen Irish … Continue Reading

It’d been over 10 years since I last visited Dublin when we got an invite to head over to Ireland for a couple of days to celebrate the 15th birthday of the Guinness Storehouse. Guinness itself is much MUCH older but the storehouse only started back in 2000 as a chance to give visitors to the … Continue Reading

Ireland is such an amazing country! From fairytale castles, picturesque little villages to a beautiful capital city. Over the last ten years, Dublin has firmly cemented itself as a cosmopolitan European capital city. There’s been a huge surge in new restaurants, the opening of several public buildings and a heritage that’s so charming you won’t want … Continue Reading