New Year’s is a celebration that is enjoyed across the globe. Whether that’s watching the dramatic fireworks in London, enjoying a fun-filled Hogmanay in Edinburgh, having a kiss under the glowing lights of Times Square or even spending quality time with the people you love at home.

Whenever it comes to New Year’s, I always seem to struggle to find something that is fun, exciting and reasonably priced.

Whenever I search for venues or unique parties they tend to be so highly-priced that I would fear to check my bank account on January 1st!

Thankfully, while we visited the beautiful city of Dublin this week we caught a little glimpse of the preparations the city is planning for New Year’s… and they look spectacular!

So, if you’re looking for a magical Irish experience, take a look at one of the world’s newest and most exciting New Year’s Eve festivals. 

What Is The New Year’s Festival In Dublin?

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Encompassing a whopping three days from December 30th – January 1st, the New Years Festival celebrates Ireland’s culture across the centuries. Showcasing the evolution of its shining talent in music, dance, design, art and spoken word, all the events draw on the nation’s personality from across this diverse and beautiful island.

The festival will encompass artists, dancers, locals and hundreds of thousands of visitors who will all enjoy one of Ireland’s most unique New Year’s Festival.


1.) Three Countdown Concert

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During the celebrations spanning across New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the Three Countdown Concert features internationally renowned and local artists like the Coronas, Fatboy Slim, Kila, Ryan Sheridan & Little Hours. Early bird tickets are priced around €50 and available online at Ticketmaster.

The event starts at 8 pm and finishes at 12:30 am – leaving just enough time to continue your ‘boogie’ and partying within the city itself.

2.) Procession of Light 

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Just before Three Countdown Concert, Dublin City comes alive with the procession of light.  Building on last year’s procession, Dublin invites you to experience and participate in one of the most magical processions in the world.

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Don’t forget that a number of lanterns are available for the public to partake in this procession, with all donations going towards Focus Ireland that helps prevent homelessness in Ireland.

3.) Become A World Record Holder

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At the end of the Procession of Light, Dublin City is offering each and everybody an opportunity to become a world record holder by joining the world’s largest Bodhrán (Celtic Drum) session.

The city is expecting well over a thousand people to join this attempt, so if you want to take part make sure you register your interest. You can register here.

4.) Street Fest

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If you fancy more of a street party than a music festival, don’t forget to head for Street Fest – where a significant area of Dublin comes alive with hundreds of thousands of people that are all out to enjoy New Year’s Eve.

Although this is a ticketed event, prices are around €7.50 per person which is pretty good! This year’s Street Fest is tipped to include some of the best in alternative, traditional and contemporary Irish music.

5.) See A Light Show 

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Luminosity is one thing that every person must see at least once during New Year’s Eve. Starting around 5 pm and finishing at 12 am on December 31st, Luminosity is a 3D light show that brings some of Dublin’s most iconic buildings to life.

6.) Head For Some Culture at the Spoken Word Festival

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Scheduled for all three days of Dublin’s New Years Festival, the Spoken World Festival incorporates an eclectic line-up of upcoming and established artists, from poets to hip-hop artists, musicians and comedians.

7.) Resolution Day

9 Ways To Celebrate A Magical New Years in Dublin, Ireland (10)

Like most of us, we all make some hefty NYE resolutions… most of mine are never followed but this year will be different 🙂 If, like me, you need a helping hand why not join one of Dublin’s resolution day activities?

How about joining a fun-fuelled 5k run, in fancy dress if you like or listen to some proclamations in a range of TED-inspired talks that will leave you utterly inspired.

8.) Follow Dublin’s Music Trail 

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If music is your passion, head to the Ruby Sessions at Smock Alley Theatre. Just like previous years, the Ruby Sessions artists are kept top secret but there have been whispers already creeping across the city of a famous indie musician… who knows?!?!

Previous year’s surprise guests have been Ed Sheeran, Paulo Nutini, Mumford & Sons and Damien Rice. You’re in for a true treat this year!

9.) Have a Guinness (or two)

We're in Dublin, Ireland - Guinness Storehouse - Teeling Whiskey (2)

Why not try a true taste of Ireland while you’re in the city. The Guinness Storehouse and its gravity bar is a perfect place to experience 360-degree views across the city while sipping on one of Ireland’s most famous tipples.

If you’re interested in any of these events or want to find out more about this amazing 3-day festival to truly celebrate the New Year, then do check out the official website for more deets.

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