When you think of visiting Germany, there are just so many amazing cities (and towns) that leap right to the top of the list with so many other gems kinda overlooked. Munich (especially with its famous Oktoberfest), Berlin with its famous Dom, grit and amazing nightlife, Cologne’s Christmas markets and Hamburg’s Hanseatic charms, not to … Continue Reading

Leipzig is something of a ‘hidden gem’ in Germany. And yes, I use that term very loosely as Leipzig really isn’t hidden (far from) but it most certainly is a gem. It’s such an important city in Germany for reasons (one of which is really HUGE) that a lot of people the world over really … Continue Reading

Famous for its museums, churches, and coffee shops, Leipzig is one of the best cities in Germany to visit. Sometimes overlooked for its big-hitting siblings, like Berlin, Leipzig is a smaller but mighty German city that you should definitely visit. There are heaps of the best things to do in Leipzig all across the city; … Continue Reading