Our flight to Luxembourg left London early. Not ridiculously early but early enough that leaving time to catch an Uber to the airport, checking in and getting breakfast meant that we had to set off early! All in all, I think I had about 3 hours of sleep before the flight. (Lloyd had a lot … Continue Reading

Hey!!! So we’ve arrived in Luxembourg! (Can I hear a “Whoop! Whoop!!!“?) As you may have seen on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we are already out and about exploring Luxembourg City, in the country of… you guessed it – Luxembourg! 🙂 Luxembourg lies between Belgium, France and Germany and, a little interesting fact I found out today, it … Continue Reading

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smaller countries and although it’s easily one that’s overlooked when planning any European travel, it’s one of the most charming places in Europe to visit (and I’m not say that lightly either). The thing with Luxembourg is that it’s relatively small size means its fairly easy to do quite a lot … Continue Reading

One of the biggest lures to Luxembourg city is the UNESCO World Heritage sites within the city and so the next day – we got up bright and early to get a guided tour around the city and get a deeper look at the city’s long and glorious history! Random aside: You can rent these … Continue Reading