Chitwan (in Nepal) is absolutely scorching hot! Like we’re talking high 30sC which hits mid-40s thanks to the humidity! Oh, that humidity is one of the fiercest we’ve ever encountered on our travels – almost impressively so! Chitwan National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the famed one-horned rhino (officially … Continue Reading

On our final day in Nepal, we were kind of operating in panic mode. We’d spent so much time seeing so many different parts of Nepal that we’d left almost no time whatsoever to explore the capital city of Kathmandu. We had planned to do so the day before but were distracted by the historic … Continue Reading

Of all the experiences I was most nervous about in Nepal, I have to say, doing a homestay (i.e. staying with a local family) was probably one of the biggest. There was no rationale to my nervousness either. I just had no idea what to expect and after being so used to being in control … Continue Reading

Our trip to Nepal was one that we’d been looking forward to for months before we arrived! The very idea of visiting Nepal evoked images of amazing conquests (thanks in large part to this being the gateway to Mount Everest… and some of the world tallest tallest mountains) and just a general sense of mystery … Continue Reading

The next morning, we got up early again (a running theme during this entire trip to Nepal) and hit the road this time heading back to Kathmandu – our final stop on our trip across Nepal. The journey was actually supposed to be a 5-hour journey but due to traffic, we were told it could take … Continue Reading

One place I knew I really wanted to visit on this trip was Bhaktapur. I’d heard so much about it since we arrived and knew it would have to be added to our itinerary as soon as I knew about it. After leaving the historic town of Panauti, we headed straight for Bhaktapur – which … Continue Reading

When we arrived at Pashupatinath Temple, I don’t think I realised how big it actually was. You arrive at this seemingly unassuming date, walk through a fairly quiet walkway and before you know it, you’re in the heart of one of Nepal’s most sacred sites. Like Boudhanath before, Pashupatinath Temple is also a UNESCO World … Continue Reading

I can’t even begin to tell you how much and for how long I’ve wanted to visit Nepal. It’s been one place I’ve always been fascinated by – in large part due to Mount Everest and the Himalayas) but in other parts due to the absolutely fascinating history of the country. Well, as you can probably … Continue Reading

Apparently, one of the best views in Nepal is from Tansen, where we were staying with a local family. The reason why this view is amazing is because from here, you can see the stretch of the Himalayan mountain ranges right in front of you… and if you arrive here for sunrise, said view is … Continue Reading

After two nights in Chitwan, it was time to say farewell to this fantastic UNESCO World Heritage site and head off in search of more of Nepal! Our next stop was a very important one for Buddhists, not just in Nepal, but across the world – the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lumbini, the birthplace … Continue Reading

The best hikes in Nepal always seem to draw up connotations of scary, adrenaline-fuelled, record-breaking hikes up to Mount Everest (understandably too – Nepal is home to 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, after all) but what surprises most people is that there’s so much much Nepal than just icy jagged mountains. … Continue Reading

Boudhanath is one of the largest stupas in all of Nepal and a very important sight to see in Kathmandu. It’s located on the old trade route with Tibet and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. After making our way through the surprisingly fast-building traffic from our first stop of the day, we arrived … Continue Reading

As it turns out, the rain the started off at the square, didn’t last very long at all and so off we were exploring Lumbini again, this time headed for Maya Devi Temple, the exact spot where Buddha was born. Remember how I said, that there were temples all over Lumbini donated by different countries? … Continue Reading

Nepal is a beautiful country and one that’s just so incredible. I’m going to try not to waffle too much, or to sound too cheesy but Nepal is one of those countries that really is awe-inspiring and totally diverse. I mean, before my visit, I only thought the best places to visit in Nepal would … Continue Reading