We were justifiably excited about our weekend trip to New York. After all, we were going to be off exploring the buzzing and unbelievably vibrant and best areas of New York. The city that never sleeps, the big smoke, the Big Apple. ­čŹÄ After our (almost 1k km) rickshaw across Italy, we had precisely seven … Continue Reading

New York is an incredible city! That being said, it’s so much more than just one place, it’s a huge mix of communities, neighbourhoods and the best areas of New York that are dotted all across the city.  Honestly, New York is a place that’s filled with a heap of free things to do, awesome … Continue Reading

New You is a buzzing city to explore! It’s filled with so many things to do and the best New York attractions that are dotted all across the big smoke. That being said, with all these attractions, it can be tough to whittle down a manageable list that you can explore during your visit. You … Continue Reading

Knackered after a long flight from London into New York, I just wanted to get to the hotel and so we wasted no time in hopping into a taxi from JFK airport and headed straight for Wall Street (where the hotel was). We’d stayed at the hotel before and so I felt like I knew … Continue Reading

The challenge: You’re breezing through New York for one night and need to catch a flight to London the very next day. Can you see all the major sights and get a good feel for New York in the next 24 hours? This is actually a real-life scenario we faced a while back and essentially … Continue Reading

Part Deux is here! Swiftly flying in following Numero Uno! As per my previous post with the view from The Empire State Building, here’s the corresponding view from The Rockefeller Center. I won’t waste your time on any more waffle. You know the drill! ­čÖé Now that you have both, you can fully decide and let … Continue Reading

This is a fairly quick post and is the first of two posts! The next one will follow very shortly. Effectively, as you can see from the photos at the top of the Eiffel Tower, I love cityscape photos; especially ones taken at dusk. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been at the top of … Continue Reading

New York is incredible, and with so many cool areas of the city to explore, it’s pretty easy to get lost in finding the best things to do whilst you’re in the Big Apple. Honestly, with all the choice, it can be hard to whittle down what to do in New York; even if you’ve … Continue Reading