It might be a little on the smaller side compared to places like London or New York, but Wellington certainly packs a big ole’ kiwi punch. There really are loads of best things to do in Wellington scattered all across the city. Plus, you’re going to love the city as much as the rest of … Continue Reading

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With oodles of natural beauty and a whole heap of culture to explore, there are so many incredible and best things to do in New Zealand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hiker, a history buff or just a foodie with a rumbling tummy, New Zealand is a spot for you. Now, the only thing about … Continue Reading

If you ever needed a reason to visit New Zealand, then now is the time! You see, it’s totally stunning. This is especially true with all the best places in New Zealand that are dotted all across the islands themselves. Now, before we even get started, let me just show you a few photos which … Continue Reading

I think it’s safe to say that none of us knows anybody who just heads off to see the best places in New Zealand and just ends up at the (albeit, great) cities like; Wellington or Auckland. You see, there’s a heap of natural sites to see that’s well worth including with a little city … Continue Reading

New Zealand is a totally incredible country to visit! Not only does it have some beautiful cities, like; Wellington and Auckland but it also has a heap of the best beaches in New Zealand, too.  It’s the kind of country that’s got a little something for everyone and a perfect place to explore on a … Continue Reading