Portugal has some of the most beautiful villages, towns and cities in Europe! Not only that but there’s also a heap of the best places in Portugal that are dotted all across the country. Plus, there are also loads of places to see in Portugal that are quaint, too. Now, some are well known, and … Continue Reading

It comes as no surprise to most that I like a nice mix when it comes to apartment furniture so you can imagine my delight when I got the keys to this apartment in Lisbon. Actually, I should probably take a few steps back. We decided to go to Lisbon to celebrate a few birthdays … Continue Reading

We’ve just come back from Portugal where we spend a few days in Cascais (and Sintra). Now, Cascais and Sintra are very close to Lisbon and usually visited by as part of a trip to Lisbon but seeing as we had been to Lisbon already, coupled with the fact that we had very limited time to spend … Continue Reading

Remember how I said there’d been a mistake in our hotel booking in Odemira? Well, this eventually got sorted out and we swapped to the rooms booked in our original booking. The 2 bed apartment we had at the Enigma – Nature and Water Hotel was pretty sweet as it was but these new rooms … Continue Reading

Lisbon is, in my opinion, one of the best European cities to visit. Not only is it totally gorgeous, but there’s a whole heap of the best places to see in Lisbon that are dotted across all the neighbourhoods. Plus, you’ve got the fairytale-like spots like Sintra that are a stone’s throw from the city … Continue Reading

The next morning, not so bright and early, we hopped into our car (after another decadent breakfast at the Four Seasons), said farewell to Lisbon and headed off in search of more of more of what Portugal had to offer. Our base for the next few days was one I’d honestly never really thought about … Continue Reading

Told you were gonna start doing more and more videos! 😉 Sintra is arguably one of the most beautiful places to visit in all of Portugal and is one that we’ve been raving about for quite some time on here. We got to return to Lisbon this summer and headed straight for Sintra (and the … Continue Reading

Portugal easily brags about having some of the best weather in Europe so understandably it’s a popular destination for some of the more ‘weather-challenged parts of Europe’ (I’m looking at you the UK and Ireland 😉) to visit. That being said, there are so many amazing cities and towns in Portugal absolutely worth visiting and … Continue Reading

From gorgeous cities like Lisbon and Porto to islands like Madeira, Portugal is a stunning country to explore! it’s a country that’s filled with stunning spots, and the Algarve is no different. Perched on the south coast of the country, the region is a gem to visit – especially with all the gorgeous coastal towns, … Continue Reading

The best part about taking photos when you travel is how, just by looking at those photos, you can be transported to a specific place and time. Photos have such a strong way of making you reconnect with your memories and seeing as Lisbon is one of my favourite cities to visit. I loved everything … Continue Reading

Portugal is one epic country to explore and, possibly, one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe! Now, I know, that’s a pretty mean feat to say but there are so many places in Portugal that are so diverse and totally unique. Honestly, with all the stunning cobbled streets in Porto, the dramatic coastline near … Continue Reading

Sintra is a Portuguese gem that you really can’t miss; especially if you’re already in Lisbon. Honestly, there are so many incredible and best things to do in Sintra, even if you visit on a day trip. This is exactly why I wanted to share some easy tips and the best things to do in … Continue Reading

Nestled a few hundred miles off the West African coast, the relatively petite Portuguese archipelago of Madeira is one incredible place to visit. Oh, and I don’t say that lightly! In fact, there are so many incredible spots and best things to do in Madeira that are dotted all across the island. Honestly, it was … Continue Reading

One of the best parts about any trip to Portugal is definitely visiting one of its many amazing beaches. After all, there’s a huge amount of the best beaches in Portugal dotted all over the country.  Even from the capital city of Lisbon, you’re not more than a stone’s throw (figuratively speaking) from one of … Continue Reading