It was originally meant to be a 5 course meal but (to our delight) the food just kept coming out of the kitchen! The night after we saw the Northern Lights at Hotel Laki (which is an amazing place to stay and ideal to see the Northern Lights), we woke up bright and early for … Continue Reading

If you ever find yourself driving in Iceland, you will find that you will have to make many impromptu road stops just to take in the landscape and take in a few photos. Try as you might, no one can resist doing this and it is this very act that led the 4 of us … Continue Reading

One of the most vital parts of any trip to Singapore is to get yourself a Singapore Sling! For those who don’t know what it is don’t fret, it’s not a sling of more ‘adult’ type.. Hehe! A Singapore Sling is a cocktail! There is so much history behind the Singapore Sling and it is probably one … Continue Reading

My first meal in (albeit on my second trip to) Amsterdam was a KFC meal. I felt so guilty afterwards but, I thought to myself, “I’ve been to Amsterdam before and the KFC branch is just right there… and I’m really starving”. Needless to say, I rationalised it to myself and 30 minutes later, carb-ed up and … Continue Reading

Okay, that may be something of an exaggeration (easily fixed by the addition of a conjunction)… Budapest as a city not only has amazing sights to see but also has some pretty good food! As a tourist one of the best parts about visiting Budapest is that the cost of living is a lot cheaper … Continue Reading

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world – I know I could be accused of being biased here but I genuinely think know so! Having lived in London for a few years and hence gotten the opportunity to take in a whole range of experiences in London (on a wide range … Continue Reading